Saturday, February 25, 2006

life after the olympics... WIPs & CALs

First, let me just say thanks to all at Crochetville, Yahoo Crochetolympics, Yahoo Crochet-a-long & Crochet Partners for all the support & encouragement during the olympics. (I know, that sounded like an Oscar's acceptance speech.) Seriously, you guys are great!! I'm really excited that the crochetolympics group is going to stay alive (albeit with a new, as yet undetermined, name). We're going to cheer ourselves along through monthly projects of our own choosing.

Now what's next for me.... I suppose I should consider a look in the WIP/UFO basket... There I'll find my navy cardigan & toddler cardigan as well as the high stylin' pillow. (These will probably remain untouched for now).

Then a look in my crochet bag will find 3 different pairs of socks all in various stages of completion. There's the Classic Ribbed Cable Sock which has one finished sock, 2nd sock not even started. I stopped this project to begin the South bay toe-up socks with the Yahoo crochet-a-long group. Here I have 1/2 of the 2nd sock finished, just about to start the dreaded short rowed heel. Of course I stopped this sock project to do my crochet olympics sweater. The 3rd sock in the bag is the one for the Yahoo Crochetsocks sock-a-long. We're doing the In your Shoes Ankle Socks from Crochet Me as a group. I'm a bit behind (just working on the ribbing so far) because of the crochet olympics, but I hope to catch up tonight & tomorrow and then post a picture. Since the third sock project is being done at group pace, I should be able to work on the other socks as well. I'm dying to wear them!!

Of couse, I need one more item on my plate. Soon I will be starting the Well traveled bag with the Yahoo CAL. I've wanted to do a felted bag for a while and I really like this pattern. I'm really enjoying working on projects with this group of hookers! I ordered a bunch of wool from KnitPicks, but I'm still not sure what colors to use. I thought it wouldn't arrive until next week (leaving me time for socks! LOL!) but it arrived this morning. Decisions Decisions!!

While I'm listing things... WIMS that are almost PIGS...
1. The kids are begging for their socks. As soon as the sock WIPS are done I must make them some socks. Sock yarn I have!! Just have to decide which pattern will adapt well for little feet.
2. I have wool yarn for a sweater for dh. Need to find a pattern.
3. I have wool yarn for a sweater for me. Need to decide on a pattern.

Well, kids are sleeping, dh is traveling and I must go grab some sock yarn & a hook!!


sara said...

oh ginny that was so sweet. i almost feel LOVE to do socks but never seem to get to them. maybe you will inspire me

Norah said...

What Sara said.

Your projects all sound so cool! Can't wait to see.