Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cars, crochet & olympics, day6

Yay me!! I made some great progress on this sweater today thanks to my car needing it's 75K maintenance. In Volvo's awesome playroom, my kids played nicely together, mostly, and I sat in the adjacent lounge and crocheted for 2 hrs! Of course, I had to get up about 10 times for the requisite, "please be nice", "please share", "a little quieter please" etc., but I didn't have to feel guilty about not doing laundry, making dinner, and all those other wonderful chores of life that usually prevent daytime crochet for me! I managed to finish the right front panel. I did have to frog a bit when I started the neck shaping in the armhole, but thankfully I caught it on the 2nd row! Tonight, back home, I cranked out the first 25 rows of the left front panel. This is the first sweater I've made with "inset" sleeves. I've been reading and re-reading the scant pattern instructions and frankly I'm stumped about assembly. Time to go read through some other sweater patterns in hopes of understanding how these pieces fit together! If that fails, I know the people at Drops Design have ( and actually reply to ) their pattern help e-mail. Maybe I'll go pull out my a couple of sweater books I have and read myself to sleep!


sara said...

you're really moving!! i can't wait to see the finished sweater

Norah said...

Wow! You've really got a lot done!!