Monday, May 21, 2007

FO: A B B Y pillows

Sometimes finishing an old WIP is impossible for reasons beyond your control. I started making letter pillows from the patterns by Kimberly at Woven~n~spun way back in 2005. My plan was to spell out each of my kids names (short versions!) for their beds. The letter A was available so first they each got their A.

Shortly thereafter, as the patterns became available, I added 2 Bs for my dd and an L and an E for my ds. This is where these two projects remained for over a year. Kimberly lost her Mom. I can imagine her grief was overwhelming (I've lost both of my parents) and understandably healing took time. Her project of designing alphabet pillows was put aside. While my kids have wondered wbout their missing letter, we took it as an opportunity to learn empathy and to understand that what is happening in others lives may be more important than what we want.

Well the remaining alphabet letter pillows are being designed as I write this and I was thrilled to test the latest letter out for Kimberly and thereby complete my daughter's pillow set.

Project details:
Pattern: Woven~n~spun alphabet pillows - A - B - Y
Yarn: Caron Perfect Match White, Pink & Red
Hook: Brittany 5.5mm I hook
Pattern Changes: NONE!! (can you believe it??!!)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

FO: Vintage Motif Cardigan

This sweater began as a CAL at both Yahoo crochet-a-long and Crochetville inspired by Artemis who was inspired by Roli, not once, but twice! My version of the Vintage Motif cardigan is finally finished, and with not a yard of yarn to spare as I desperately tried to lengthen the sleeves. I actually unraveled 2 extra squares (I nixed the gussets) and frogged the swatches I had done a year ago when I was deciding what sweater pattern to make with this yarn. There's nothing left, I even had to save the longest ends after weaving in for future repairs. Earlier stories in the saga of the motif sweater can be found here and here.

Project details:
Pattern: Crocheted cardigan aka Vintage motif cardi
Size: medium (with a slightly larger motif)
Yarn: KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in 'Mulled Wine', 1540 yds
Hook: Brittany 5.0mm H hook
Pattern Changes: (just a few)

  1. Motif - I added an extra round on the motif (total of 8) to make it just under 4.25" instead of 4.0". The back panel is 5 motifs across, this should give me the 1.0-1.25" extra width I desire.

  2. I blocked the squares before assembly and blocked the panels after assembly. Assembly was done by whipstitching across rows and down columns of the panels.

  3. I decided not to use the gusset squares as with them the sweater was just too bulky on me (see here).

  4. Sleeves: I added 4 motifs (a 3rd row) to each sleeve.
  5. Sleeve cuff/edging. I did not use motif cuff as written (where they ease 4 motifs to 2 to make a cuff). I just didn't like the look of it. Instead, after adding the extra row of 4 motifs, I joined between 2 squares on the underarm seam and began the edging of BLO sc and tapered it as follows:
  • row 1 - BLO sc in every stitch around
  • row 2 - BLO sc in every stitch with a BLO scdec at the square junctures (4 dec per round)
  • rows 3-5 - repeat row 2
  • row 6 - repeat row 1
  • row 7 - repeat row 2
  • rows 8-11 - alternate rows 1-2
  • rows 12-13 - repeat 1
  • row 14 - repeat row 2
  • rows 15-18 - repeat row 1

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

FO: Girls' Simple Openwork Shrug

We were in NC this past weekend for my niece's wedding. Abby wanted to wear her Caprice Sundress to the brunch the next morning, but she thought her shoulders might be a bit cold. Of course she could have worn her wedding sweater, but she wanted to run and play with her cousins and thought a shrug would be better (and yes, my almost 5 yo dd really voiced all these opinions on her own!). So, this Simple Openwork Shrug was born.

Girl's Simple Openwork Shrug

Project details:

Hook: Brittany 4.5mm hook
Yarn: Classic Elite Flash 'Pink Tweed'
Size: This fits my 5 yo who wears mostly sizes 5-6. It was 22 inches x 10 inches before sewing.

Pattern: My own - designed to match stitch pattern of NY Yarns Caprice Sundress.

Ch 90 , must be a multiple of 4 + 6.

Row 1: Dc in 4th chain from hook, (dc in next ch) twice, *ch 1, skip one ch, (dc in next ch) 3 times, repeat from * across.

Row 2: Ch 4 (counts as dc, ch 1), *3 dc in ch-1 space, ch 1, repeat from * across, dc in top of turning ch.

Row 3: Ch 3, 2 dc in ch-1 space, ch 1, *3 dc in ch-1 space, ch 1, repeat from * across, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch.

Repeat rows 2-3, ending with row 2, for a total of 20 rows, or as wide as you need shrug to be.

Fold in half, bringing the top of final row to the foundation chain.

Holding right sides together, sew 20 stitches in from each end to form sleeves. Weave in ends.

WIP: Twyla

I fell in love with the Twyla Cardigan by Berroco immediately because of the stitch pattern. It's different and textured and just "spoke to me". Finding the right yarn was a different story until I hit the JCA sale last fall. I saw this Reynolds 'Gypsy' - 100% cotton, 82yds/50g, 5st/inch which I bought in 3 colorways. The 'ocean blue' was calling to me across the sale floor, "Twyla, Twyla, Twyla". Well being sick and tired of assembling the motif cardi was just the impetus I needed to start this cardi. I've done a fair amount of frogging on this one as it requires more attention than I've been giving it - I think once I settle down and give it some uninterrupted time it will go fairly quickly. I have about 11 inches done on the back panel. The blue yarn is really pretty. It has 3 different shades of blue plied together.

WIP: Vintage Motif Cardi

Vintage Motif cardigan - a CAL at both Yahoo crochet-a-long and Crochetville using KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Mulled Wine and my Brittany 5.0mm H hook. Progress has picked up, but I haven't had a chance to blog about it. Let's see if I can piece together (ugh, no pun intended) what has happened since my last report.

I posted at Crochetville on April 16th that I had finished making all the squares, and had begun weaving in ends and assembling sections (front panels, back, sleeves) and blocking the sections after assembly. In this photo I had assembled the front two panels - the one on the left was blocked the previous night and was dry. The one on the right was wet, just blocked. Also in the photo are 16 of the 25 panels for the back pinned on my board (where I put them back in February - they were the first 16 squares done) surrounded by the other 9 for the back and the remaining giant pile of squares!!

As of the 18th, I had assembled and blocked the first sleeve, and was beginning to worry that even with a 3rd row of 4 squares, the sleeves are so, so short. On the 2oth the 2nd sleeve was assembled and blocked and I had started weaving in ends of the back panel squares.

As of the 23rd, my concerns grew to include the huge gussets! Here is a photo of the sweater laid out with one sleeve all sewn in. I was thinking about making a smaller gusset, maybe 4 rounds instead of 8.
In the end I sewed the 2nd sleeve in without a gusset and this is where I stand now. I have to remove that first gusset and possibly use these 2 squares towards longer arms - maybe that easing 4 squares to 2 squares as the pattern suggests. I guess I could try that on one arm and see. At this point, I figure I'll do the body edging first and then see how much yarn I have. I'll probably end up just edging cuffs until I run out of yarn...

I was sidetracked from this by the need to pack for my niece's wedding, by my desire to hook instead of sew (hence I started Twyla), by my dd's desire to have a matching shrug for her sundress (for the post wedding brunch).