Saturday, January 07, 2006

hook withdrawal; WIPs

My dh & I went out to a dinner party last night. I drove to his office and we went in one car from there. We decided at 10:30 pm to just go home (sitter at home with kids) and retrieve my car later this weekend. Well, my crochet bag is in my car WITH ALL MY HOOKS!! So, for my crochet fix this morning, I've been updating the blog and trying to list off my WIPs and WIMs.
Thankfully I took some photos of my WIPS the other day.

So on my hooks....

well in my crochet bag with my hooks (did I mention we're separated by over 20 mile) is my Crocheted sock book and my first attempt at socks. I ran out of yarn at his point in sock. I've decided to start the second sock with the same dye-lot skein I have and then then finish the toes in either a matching solid or another skein (whatever dye lot I get).

Here at home I have two WIPs (AND their HOOKS!). I have the J&P Coats/Michaels "Cute as a button"Baby Jacket (really a cardigan) I started for a cousin but decided it was too big.
I was using ww yarn instead of the Silkessence Microfiber, adjusting gauge to accommodate this change but it was practically going to fit my 3 yo. So, I figure I'll finish it for the cousin for her b-day in April or even next Xmas. No rush on this project.

Next is the Lillian Jarmie "Cardigan with wooden buttons".
I was doing this with all sorts of size adjustments too. Width of a small and length of a medium. It's in all hdc with ww millends I found (really soft and pretty navy) and a J hook. It's for me so I should keep going on this.

Well that's it for active WIPs. I think I'll try to wind some of that new yarn, I do NEED to make the kids some more mittens from the wool I got... I could use the G hook with the baby sweater!!
Then I need to make a list of the PIGs and WIMs....


Norma said...

I DO hope you have retrieved your car and your crochet by now! : ) That sock looks like it's coming along great! Which pattern is it (you know I have the book),and what's the yarn, if I may ask? Nice work as always!!!

JoAnne said...

Hi Ginny!
Great the socks! I picked up the book as well, just haven't attempted them yet. Yours look great though. Kind of inspires me to get hooking. Hope you have your hooks and yarn back, just goes to show you shouldn't put all your hooks and yarn in one basket, lol.
Happy Hooking!
JoAnne CP:)