Saturday, February 25, 2006

More yarn!!!

My order from Knit Picks came today. I ordered their Wool of the Andes for some felting projects - a bag, some slippers, another bag. I have Hyacinth, Hush, Fog & Hollyberry (back row) and Winter Night, Asparagus, Mulled Wine & Tan (front row). I need to decide on which colors to use for the well traveled bag project. I was thinking about the front four colors.... any thoughts?

I really like this yarn. I have yarn ready to make a sweater for me in the Mulled Wine color. Pattern ideas anyone?
I've thought of Spring Crochet but I'd have to de-flare the sleeves, even taper them in rather than out I think. I've also thought about Kim Guzman's Jiffy Jacket, that one I'd want to add more buttons to. ( I just can't leave a pattern unaltered!!) I'll have to dig through some mags & books... don't see too much else online that appeals to me.

I also bought some more sock yarn (one must always buy enough for free shipping!!). It's a cotton, wool, nylon & elastic blend. This yarn is for my kids' socks, but for now it has found a home with my sock yarn stash. I'm psyched about crocheting more socks. The tweedy grey is for dh, the pinks and purples are for dd, the blues are for ds. There's a cool brown, gold, marron, charcoal multicolor that I'm going to stripe with charcoal for me! The grey & the black with neon splashes are for me too. Oh yeah, the yellow is for dd and for "gold toes" LOL!!


KrisR said...

Drooling! I was checking out that site yesterday, nice prices. The colors you suggested for the first bag are almost what I'm going to use too. May have to get some of that yarn, even the sock yarn, lol.

Stephanie said...

I am SO ordering form then, after I use up my stash that is, I am on "restriction" lol "dont you have enough yarn over there? and there? and whats over there?" ha ha, men never understand!!
it all looks so yummy...

Jana B said...

My goodness, I think you have enough yarn to stock up the entire Crochet Olympics team!!!!!! LOL Feel like sharing?

Robert said...

Dear Ginny,

Stuck here in California. Can't buy a return ticket because the credit cards are all maxxed out on yarn purchases. Please send cash.



Norma said...

LOL, Bob! : ) Ginny, that's quite a haul! Drooling with yarn envy... : )