Monday, February 20, 2006

olympic progress, day 11

This sleeve seems to be moving along a bit faster than the first one. I'm up to about 40 rows tonight, sleep is calling my name. I will finish this sleeve tomorrow night. My house is in desperate need of attention... a vacuuming, dusting, cleaning marathon awaits me in the morning!! I hope to check out some buttons tommorrow afternoon at my LYS. I'm not sure what type of buttons I'm looking for yet. Any suggestions?


Shell said...

It is coming along terrific! I know you are getting excited. about wooden ones? I think they would look terrific with that color.

Norma said...

I agree with Michele above...I was also thinking wooden buttons would look nice. Maybe the toggle type? Very nice work as always, Ginny. I am sure it is going to look even better in person!