Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl Yarn Sale

I hit my LYS for their Superbowl Yarn Sale (40% off). I dropped my dh & kids off at the fastfood/play place for lunch. I got to the store 10 minutes before the doors opened and found 40 people in front of me waiting to get in. After agreeing to the rules (treat yarn & staff with respect at all times!) we were given a shopping bag and allowed to enter. In search of yarn for my Crochet Olympics Drops Design sweater, I went straight for the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (bottom 2 bins under the sock yarn). I knelt on the floor and dug through the bins... what color could I find with 7 same-dye lot skeins... New Age teal 5 of one dye lot and 1 of another... a royal blue.... Victorian Pink.... I finally decided on 'Banana' a pale yellow. This whole time sock yarn has been falling on my head, so I raised my attention a bit higher and come out with 3 skeins of Swizzle sock yarn, 2 skeins of light purple (special request from my dd), 4 skeins of light gray, a lone cool multi (maroon, grey, black, gold) and another lone charcoal gray to mix with it. I worked my way around the store to the Cascade 220 and respectfully dug through the bins to find 8 skeins of a dark teal for a sweater for dh. Finally at the checkout I grabbed Addi turbo B and C hooks and made it out the door in just over an hour.
Now I can begin my Olympic training by playing with a gauge swatch.....
Also, so I won't be distracted from the sweater once the Olympics begin, I want to finish the ribbed sock I mentioned in an earlier post as well as the socks from my Yahoo CAL sock-a-long..... "what Yahoo sock-a-long?" .... I see I need another post!!

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Sarah Jane said...

Super Bowl Sales! What a great idea...too bad the stores closest to me are those chain craft shops, or outrageously overprices hand-spinners. You look like you made out quite well!