Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I've had a few questions about crochet-a-longs (CALs).... so here are some details. I belong to 3 right now.

One is a fun group that spun off from CP and formed a Yahoo! group aptly called crochet-a-long This group has many different CALs - squares, doilies, garments, toys, etc. This is where I did the Chanson en Crochet Capelet and the South bay toe-up socks.

I also recently joined another Yahoo! group called crochetsocks which is about to start up a sock-a-long shortly.

A great place to find CALs is crochetville. I'm involved in the crochet olympics there. This is a little different from a traditional CAL in that everyone is making something different during the 16 days of the Winter Olympics. My project is detailed in an earlier post. Tons of other CALs are available at crochetville's CAL forum .

Laundry, dinner and the central vac are all calling to me. Central Vac is going to win since I'm not sure which urchin turned it on...

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