Thursday, February 09, 2006

Classic Ribbed Cable Sock #1

Since the socks might not get done tomorrow before the Olympics start, I thought I'd "show off" my other "half-pair" of socks. Here's the Classic Ribbed Cable sock I started a few posts back. It's from The Crocheted Socks book, made with Swizzle sock yarn. I think the instep could have been a bit larger - looks a little holey by that yellow stripe. Oh well, it feels great!! I stopped this sock to start the toe-up one with the Yahoo CAL gang. Now they both might have to wait until after the Olympics to have a partner.

One more thing... I got a really cool e-mail via CP tonight from Mary Jane Wood (co-author, with Janet Rehfeldt, of Crocheted Socks). I commented on CP that I only figured out the short-rowed heel because of the wonderful pattern details in their book. She wrote to say she was glad the book was so helpful AND to say my socks were gorgeous!!


GOP In 2008 said...

Hi, I like your socks! They look warm. My first "one" sock had to be frogged because I have skinny ankles. Other than that, it turned out nice and it was soft also. I can't find sock yarn though.
Joyce (texapan)

Bonnie said...

Love those socks..they are awesome...hugs..Bonnie

Tracie said...

Hi, a friend of mine who is already on Ravelry pointed me here (I'm waiting impatiently for my invite). Anyway, I'm doing the same socks and ran into an issue. I'm hoping this is just because it's late and my brain is fried, but did you lose a stitch after "adjusting" the ribbing on the leg (just after round 9)? I'm about to just wing it tomorrow morning when I pick it up again, but hoping I'm just missing something. Sorry for butting into your journal, but I'm desperate. :) Thanks!