Monday, April 03, 2006

WIPS, PIGs, WIMs & April challenge

So it's time to figure out what I'm going to work on or rather going to complete during April with my friends at Yahoo crochetchallenge. Although I'm pretty sure what the end result will be, I'd like to take the time to actually make a WIPs, PIGs & WIMs list just to make sure nothing of importance is falling through the cracks (or rather off my hooks!).

(After several questions - I decided to edit this to include definitions...)

WIPs - works in progress - for me that means I've started it and I at least occasionally work on it.
PIGs - projects in grocery sacks - this means the yarn is purchased and the pattern chosen and they are theoretically all sitting together in a bag awaiting their turn on a hook.
WIMs - works in mind - that list in your mind (or down on paper) that you want to do... for my list I have either pattern awaiting yarn or yarn awaiting specific pattern.

So we'll start with current WIPs with links to patterns & any blog progress reports.

1. Jiffy Jacket - progress = 40%
2. Seraphina Shawl - progress = 50%
3. Navy blue cardigan - progress = 15%
4. Toddler cardigan - progress = 50%
5. "High-Stylin' Pillow" (Crochet calendar)- progress = 10%

1. Letter pillows "Y" & "X" from Woven-n-Spun
2. "Easy Ripple" Afghan
3. 63 squares Afghan - Aran
4. Lacy Shell Poncho - Abby
5. Spring Crochet Cardigan
6. Drops Design Top
7. 'Oxford Style' socks (Crocheted Socks!)- Bob
8. Felted Hook Case

1. 'Alpine Meadow' hooded sweater
2. Granny Ripple Baby Afghan
3. Picot Cropped Cardigan
4. Cream Cotton Shrug
5. Bob's sweater Teal/black/gray
6. Alex's sweater - Green
7. Abby's sweater - grape chunky
8. Mittens & Hats
9. Abby's sweater - periwinkle
10. Abby's snow girl cardigan (Crochet! Jan '05)
11. Alex's sweater vest

Wow! What a list! As I expected the winners are... the first two WIPs - the Jiffy Jacket & the Seraphina shawl, and PIGs #4 + #5 - the poncho for Abby's birthday and the cardigan for me as a CAL at Yahoo crochet-a-long. Bob may get his socks started (always need a small travel project) as well. Well this process actually made me feel a lot better. Now I just have to start hooking!

4/23/06 - ETA - Felted Hook case PIG


Norah said...

Wow, what a neat idea to put all your WIPs & WIMs in your blog so you can keep track of them!! You've got some really awesome ones there too.

sara said...

oh i love the way you have everything so organized!!!!

Veronica said...

Looks like you are going to be busy! :D I'm too chicken to put my PIGs on my blog. I'm not ready to come to terms with my yarn obession yet. : )