Sunday, April 23, 2006

April challenge - a week to go

Wow, I just checked by challenge list for April - it's over at Yahoo crochet challenge. I have 7 days to go... must get hooking. I had the Spring Crochet cardigan for myself on my list that I was going to do with my crochet-a-long group. The person who started it first has reported that there are a lot of sizing problems. She made the size large (she swears she made it to gauge) and it doesn't fit her (a size 10) and barely fits her size 6 teenage daughter....... so, it's not my fault.... I edited my list - removed that sweater and added the Sweet Pea Cardigan I'm making for my dd.

So where does my April list stand, I need to...

  • finish the Seraphina shawl (I'd guess about 6-10 more rows),
  • find buttons for my Jiffy Jacket (and sew them on),
  • finish the Sweet Pea Cardigan (on 2nd sleeve - need to assemble, add neck & button sc edging and bottom & sleeve lace edging)
  • make a felted hook case (haven't started this!!)

At least Abby's birthday poncho is 100% finished! I guess I had best get to work!

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sara said...

you'll finish with time to spare