Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Recent yarn acquisitions

I couldn't help myself yesterday. I went into my LYS, innocently, just to pick up the new copy of Interweave Crochet. Well I fell in love with the "Sweet Pea cardigan" and had to get some cool summer yarn to make this for my dd. First, we ruled out everything that wasn't machine washable - dd is just about 4. In the end, I bought Dale of Norway 'Svale' (50% cotton, 40% viscose, 10% silk) in this gorgeous shade of light green. Of course this wasn't even a WIM and now it's a PIG!! Now at my LYS, purchases must be in multiple of $20 for punches on your frequent shopping card (actually they call it a frequent-knitter card - but I don't, we'll just leave it at that, since I like this shop and shop owner!), so I rounded up my purchases with a new Addi 'A' hook and Brittany 'G' and 'H' hooks.

A few weeks ago I was drawn into the same store in search of yarn for the Drops Design top we'll be doing at Yahoo! crochet-a-long in a few weeks. I found GGH 'Bali' (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in a beautiful lilac color. I can't wait to make this top!

And while we're confessing yarn purchases... I finally straightened out the Wool-Ease mess for the 'Alpine Meadow' Hoodie from "More Crocheted Aran Sweaters". After exchanging various combinations of different dye lots, I am now in possession of 12 'same dye lot' skeins of Blue Mist, and 2 each of Forest Green Heather, Rose Heather and Oxford Grey. The pattern calls for light gray heather, but until I find that I have Oxford Gray. This is a project for late Summer - early Fall. I hope to wear it this fall. All in all, a good yarn week or two!


Norah said...

**drooling all over my keyboard***

goldi said...

Oh my - me too! Can hardly wait to see the FO's!

sara said...

i wanna go shopping with you

Grete said...

Wow....all that beautiful yarn.
I too love Svale. It is so soft and it it good to work whith.

But it looks like you can join for the yarnoholic-club you too. lol

Anonymous said...

Just think how many more punches you will get for the same sweater than a knitter... as we crochier really know how to use up our yarn. ;-)