Thursday, October 05, 2006

September progress report

My crochet hopes for September were…to whip some WIPs - the Crystal Lace Bolero at crochet-a-long, the elusive sock-a-long CAL at crochetsocks, and start the swing jacket at crochet-a-long as well. I also wanted to do some work on the Colinette afghan WIP.

So here's what I actually did...

1. Crystal Lace Bolero - progress = 100%. I wasn't sure about the ribbing at first, but I've been wearing it quite a bit and receiving compliments galore, so I guess it's a keeper!

2. Tennis Socks - progress = 25%. I did finally start this sock-a-long at crochetsocks, and I'd say I'm about half way done one sock. I just became absorbed in a few other projects...

3. Matinee Swing Jacket - progress = 99%. This was a quick project. In spite of being sucked into yet another CAL (see below), I started this one around the 16th at crochet-a-long and finished it! OK, I still had the ends to weave in on the 30th... but that's done now too. I'll post a final picture and my sleeve modifications as well. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but a jacket with 3/4 sleeves seems really weird to me.

4. Colinette yarns afghan kit - progress = 30%. I've actually crocheted 4 rows more than this photo shows. I really want to get it finished soon.

5. Floral Fantasy Pullover - progress = 40%. This is a CAL at Crochetville. I still can't believe I actually started another CAL this past month! I've been flying on this one the past few days as well. I'll take pictures tonight and try to post tomorrow.

Not a bad month, all in all!

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Norah said...

Wow! Good for you!!!!