Friday, September 22, 2006

WIP progress

I've actually been working on several projects at a time this week so I thought I'd do a WIP progress report.

1. Tennis Socks - sock-a-long at crochetsocks - I was very confused about whether or not this had started. Apparently it had and I just missed it. So, I finally started working on this. This is a top down pattern, so the beginning takes a fair amount of attention for the cuffs and the heel. Now that I have reached the foot I should be able to work on it more often - during my mindless crochet opportunities. The pattern is in Crocheted Socks by Janet Rehfeldt and Mary Jane Wood. I'm using Knit Picks Dancing sock yarn. It's a cotton, wool, nylon & elastic blend. It took a while to get used to crocheting with elastic. I had to drop to a 3.25mm hook to get gauge, but I'm hooking along fine now.

2. Matinee Swing Jacket - I'm making this with the gang at crochet-a-long. I'm using Bernat Soft Boucle in Shades of Blue, and a 6.5mm hook. I've just completed the back panel. After counting out the starting chain AND getting in that first row, this is great for mindless crochet opportunites - especially soccer games because I crochet boucle by feel!

3. Colinette yarns afghan kit - Last night I actually crocheted 4 rows more than this photo shows. My dh has been asking about it. I really want to get it finished soon. It's an easy pattern for TV watching, but not for carrying around as it changes colors almost every row.

4. Floral Fantasy Pullover - a CAL at Crochetville. I can't believe I actually started another CAL. But I just couldn't resist matching this yarn I had in stash with this project. And what better time to do it than when a bunch of people were wanting to do it too. I am using 2 strands of Sirdar Salsa DK - a merino wool/acrylic blend, in place of the super bulky mohair/acrylic blend, with a 7.00mm hook. I'm also joining the motifs as I crochet them. Here's the first two.

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Parisjem said...

They look great! Good to see that I'm not the only one with lots of projects on the go at the same time. Can't wait 'till I can crochet like you - still learning. Looking forward to seeing them completed.