Sunday, October 15, 2006

FO: Sister Poncho & beret sets

Two sets for a friend of my dd and her big sister.
Pattern is LB Fur-trimmed poncho, and my child version of LB beret.
Yarn is Homespun 'Barrington' and Fun Fur 'Teal'.
Hook size is 8.0 mm hook for the poncho, a 7.0 mm hook for the beret and a 6.5mm or 6.0mm hook for the beret ribbing.
Pattern modifications: Poncho - add a row of dc at the neck and thread a drawstring (anchored at multiple places to reduce choking hazard) through holes. Beret - I followed the adult pattern out to 72 st, then I do 2 rounds even of 72st and then 2 decrease rounds doing 12 dec (instead of 6) which brings me back to 60 st and then 48 st. Then I did a ribbing. On my dd's I did the ribbing as written - sideways sc blo. I decided to try the faster (for me anyway) fpdc, bpdc ribbing on these - I did 2 rounds- and I think it worked.

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Robert said...

What a beautiful set of ponchos. You know, if you could make me a pair of those berets, say for a 3" diameter head and use some elastic around the opening, I'll bet you I'd finally a pair of new, hand-crocheted (though somewhat baggy) socks! I even like the color!

By the way, I'm going to keep posting stupid stuff like this on your blog until my feet experience some social-crocheting justice. Down with the crocheting-oppressor!

-the barefoot one