Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yarn stash & project matching

Before I can do my October listing of projects, I need to get a handle on the yarn in my stash and the projects on my WIM list. I guess what I'm saying is I'm getting confused about what yarn I was thinking about using for which projects and I need to make match them together and thus have more designated PIGs. One of the reasons is simply sanity - I don't often succeed at organization, but I crave it. Another reason is more yarn is coming...shh! it's a secret... I have the opportunity - thanks to a fellow CPer - to attend a major blow out yarn sale at JCA Crafts. I've been forewarned that the sale prices are amazing on this high quality yarn.

So... yarn...weight...yardage...pattern or project possibilities

Cotton/cotton blends
Omega Sinfonia - sportweight - 100% cotton - 1680yd - ?

Classic Elite 'Imagine' - DK weight - 53% cotton, 47% rayon - 679yd - ?

Knit One Crochet Too '2nd Time Cotton' - ww - 75% cotton, 25% acrylic,180yd/100g. - 900yd Borealis (deep purple) - ? for me; 1080yd English Heather (pink, green, dark & light gray multi) - ? for Abby

Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania - DK - 100% Egyptian cotton - 1233yds marine blue- Drops 68-15 Summer cardigan (swatched)

Katia Mississippi 3 - fingering - 60% cotton, 40% acrylic - 1150 yds lilac - Drops 88-20 Safran Tank

Wool/wool blends
Cascade 'Lana de Oro' Tweed - worsted weight - 45% Superfine Alpaca, 45% Peruvuan Highland wool and 10% Donegal (tweed) - 770yd maroon, 110 yd charcoal - Autumn Spice ?

Cascade 220 - ww - 100% wool - 1760yd Dark Teal, 440yd gray, 220yd black (RJN vest), 220yd black/blue multi (RJN hat), 440yd purple (Abby hat & mittens), 330yd blue/purple multi, 110 yd blue (Alex hat)

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes - ww- 100% wool - 1540yd mulled wine ( Spring Crochet Cardigan), 330yd Fog, 220yd Hollyberry, 220yd Hyacinth, 220yd Hush (felting - bags)

LB Wool-Ease - ww - 80% wool, 20% acrylic - blue mist, green heather, gray heather, rose heather ( 'Alpine Meadow' hooded sweater)

James C. Brett Marble - DK - 100% acrylic - 2400yds - this sweater from Susan Huxley's Today's Crochet or Lush Lace Pullover or IC Smoky Quartz Tunic

RH Kids - ww - 100 % acrylic - 1160yd periwinkle (FCEC cable sweater Alex)
Caron mill ends - ww - 100 % acrylic - 1000yd lilac (Girl's Lacy sweater), 2400yd light teal (?), 1600yd coral (pink perfection vest)
LB Chunky USA - ww - 100 % acrylic - 620yd grape (Ballet sweater)

Caron Simply Soft - ww - 100 % acrylic - 800yd gray, 1600yd navy (Two-toned Pullover; Boy's Easy Vest), 2750 yd dark sage (Kimane design vest - Alex, lots leftover!), 400yd plum wine, 300yd country blue, 400yd white, 150yd light country blue, 300yd light country peach (edgings)

LB Homespun - bulky - 100% acrylic - 555yd Antique (Sweater Jacket - Abby), 150yd Orchid, 200yd Baroque, 185yd Boston Rose, 150yd Fuschia berets

So in the end - I never posted my October UFO/WIP/PIG/WIM list.... but I will add here what's on board for this month. Mostly I'd like to "whip some WIPS" and start some new CALs. These include
1. Floral Fantasy Pullover
2. Tennis Sock CAL
3. Colinette afghan kit
4. Felted Memo Bag CALwith crochet challenge
5. Jacob's sweater CAL with crochet-a-long (if the pattern is ready)
Finally, if time allows, I want to start on vests for the kids.


Kim Guzman said...

Whoa, boy! I see my design in there! I'll be watching those PIGs! :-)

Is this the same color that you used for the Jiffy Jacket?

Shawnee said...

Wow, darlin' - what a great idea. I've snatched a few pattern links. But I have so many WIPs and CALs that I need to assess, too!! CUTE yarn. And a sale coming up? I'm so jealous!

Robert said...

Wow! With all the yarn I see on the second floor of our house, you'd think I'd have 365 pairs of for each day of the year! But noooooooooo! Looks like another year of bare tootsies for the DH.

C'mon Ladies, help me out. How about a write-in campaign to the crochet oppressor on behalf of the lowly and sockless. NO NEW PROJECTS UNTIL I GET SOCKS!


the barefoot guy on the first floor.