Wednesday, September 13, 2006

August challenge report

In August I had hoped to finish the Beth tank for me, work on the Crystal Lace Bolero that I'm moderating at crochet-a-long, start the elusive sock-a-long CAL at crochetsocks and keep working on the Colinette aghan. August was a little insane around here. It can be summed up with this picture - taken in my driveway on August 3rd. Everyone is fine, but doctors, insurance companies etc, took a lot of our time. OK, back to crochet...let's see how I did. I'm a few "days" late in posting this of course, but I'll be honest and report what I did IN August.

1. Beth tank from Berroco - progress= 100%. I made a bit of progress on August 2nd on the drive home from NY after finishing the Drops Top, and in spite of the insanity of August this was completed!!
2. Robyn's Crystal Lace Bolero - progress= 85% I'm moderating this over at crochet-a-long. I actually got quite a bit of this done. As you can see in the progress photo the square motifs are all assembled and I am slowly but surely working on all the ribbing. The wide ribbing around the collar and whole body requires one to pay attention as to whether you are on a straight edge an inside corner like in the neck or outside corners like the center front. It has been frogged more than a few times in September!
3. Socks - the apparently started sock-a-long at crochetsocks. Progress = 5%. This is entirely NOT my fault. Somehow, in spite of being a moderator on this, I missed that the sock-a-long had actually started. I did swatches, helped others work through their swatch issues and waited patiently for the green light. Instead I read a post saying "how come no one is posting on their progress?" So I'm 'fused, again! Anyway, the pattern in 'Tennis Socks' in the Crochet Socks book. I have my yarn - Knit Picks Dancing, I've swatched and I've even done one of the cuffs. It's a bit tricky working with the elastic yarn. Pictures in September.
4. Colinette yarns afghan kit - progress = 25%. This was my birthday surprise from dh. The kit pattern is for a wave-like ripple afghan (3'x4'). I'm using a K hook and the gorgeous yarn hanks shown in my birthday post. I honestly haven't touched this in a month... more on this in September.

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