Thursday, July 06, 2006

Birthday surprise...

My dh did it again! I love this guy. He took the kids out shopping for birthday presents for me and with a lot of guidance helped them pick out a beautiful necklace (my dd likes to get me jewels), and some chocolates. Then at their favorite place to shop for me, Yankee Candle, dh gave a little guidance for choosing a tea light warmer for scented wax potpourri and then let the kids spend over 30 minutes choosing the wax tart potpourri "flavors" all on their own. They had a great time and I certainly received some beautiful and interestingly scented gifts! He went off to work yesterday, telling me the kids would give me my presents. My ds woke up my dd and off they went to draw me cards (I stayed in bed, half sleeping and half waiting). They arrived (pouncing on top of my bed) at 7 am bearing those great hand drawn cards that you cherish forever and all the loot from their day out with Dad. I was smiling, the kids were smiling, it was terrific. We called dh at work, I thanked the love of my life for my wonderful birthday gifts, and the kids and I went about our day.

I didn't expect dh home until late, as per usual on Wednesdays, but he surprised me walking in at 4 pm. He had canceled his evening plans, bought a birthday cake and had detoured 25 miles on his way home form work to go to my LYS, Ewe'll Love It (but I didn't yet know this). He said he went to a lighting store to get a desk lamp he wanted - so we set that up - and oh yeah, he stopped in to the LYS and grabbed a book for me - a book of knitting patterns of Shetland sweaters - just in case I want to learn to knit - (I guess I can make him a sweater since I've never made his socks!!) Well, he showed no hint that he had purchased anything else at the LYS - he usually has a tell-tale twinkle in his eye - so we went ahead and ate dinner, had cake and then he surprises me - he produces this monster bag of fiber for an afghan kit!! What an amazing assortment of color and texture! Then the eye twinkle appears as he tells me all about choosing these colors and these fibers from amongst the various kits available. He does a great job of choosing colors and putting together items that I would most likely never choose on my own but love when I see them assembled. He has done this in everything from kitchen countertops to clothes to jewelry and now he's doing it with fiber!! So here's the lastest yarn loot. It's all from Colinette yarns of Wales. The kit includes Wigwam cotton tape - lichen colorway - 100% cotton - 143yd/100g; Zanziba - in 2 colorways: Jay & Autumn Leaves - 51% wool, 48% viscose, 1% nylon - 99yd/100g; Fandango chunky cotton - cezanne colorway - 100% cotton - 110 yd/100g; Skye - velvet bilberry colorway - 100% wool -152yd/100g; and finally Mohair - in 3 colorways: Tapis, Mist & Renaissance - 78% mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon - 193yd/100g. The kit is for a ripple lap afghan (3' x 4') with a hook "not larger than K".
All in all, I'd say I had a fantastic day, but moreover, I am blessed with a fantastic dh and wonderful kids!!


Celia said...

Happy Birthday!!!
and yes, your DH and your kids are great!!!
Love all the presents but the yarns are just soooo charming!!!!!
What a husband!!! lol...

Norah said...

Glad you had such a great Birthday! That yarn kit is gorgeous!

Pat Green said...


Hi Ginny,

I loved your story of the birthday. SOOOOOOO nice to have the whole family involved! Your DH sure does have good taste when it comes to colors and surprises.

God Bless You and your lovely family.


Marlana "EnigLdy" said...

I am being such a hater over your gifts! Hehe - enjoy!

Maru said...

Happy Birthday Ginny! Great story. I love birthdays celebrations... the yarn looks great and the colors too! Your husband is an angel. Enjoy.

Elsie in Va said...

Honey, Be good that dear hubby.He's one in a million!
georgeous stuff & what good taste.. teaching the kids to be thoughtful as well.Sounds like mine .
Happy birthday
Elsie Va

Shawnee said...

Happy birthday! What a wonderful memory you're family has given you -- and the yarn!! I can't wait to see your WIP!

Crochet Leah said...

Happy Birthday, Ginny!!!
What a lovely day!!! You have a wonderful family that obviously loves you bunches. :))
Oh, I'm drooling over your yummy yarn!!!
Love, Leah