Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Beth Tank - modifications.

I love the Beth tank, I love the yarn (scroll down, bottom right photo), especially the Nantucket colorway, and I mostly like the way it turned out. What I hate is the way the straps keep falling off my shoulders. So, I made some changes. I tried to create a look that went with the original design. What do you think? Be honest, 'cause I'm not sure. Should the cross straps be wider, should there be more of them? I can't wear it without some sort of change.

Just so I put this down somewhere... let me write out what I did. The straps were easy. I added them after the fact, obviously. I skipped 3 rows above the back top edge, sl st the yarn to the left strap (WS) at the top of the 3rd row, **ch 29, sl st to right strap, sl st up strap edge to the top of the next row, turn. (RS) Ch1, dc in 2nd ch from strap (#28), *ch1, skip ch, dc in next ch*, repeat from * to * across ch 1 skip last ch sl st to top of row on left strap**. Sl st up left strap, skipping 3 rows, to top of 6th row, repeat from ** to **.
Sl st up left strap, skipping 3 rows, to top of 9th row, repeat from ** to **.


kathy said...

What a great design idea! I would have done the same thing! Honest, it's better than the priginal!

Andrea said...

I like that idea, nice work!

Anonymous said...

Your modifications look great. And they do match the style of the top. I agree with what Kathy said, it looks better than the original. The slenderness of the horizonal lines is attractive. Great job! - Michele

sara said...

i think it looks wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!