Monday, September 25, 2006

A good day..

is one where I receive yarn, patterns and time to use them. Today!! In truth I did not actually crochet the specific yarn or patterns I received today, but I did have daylight crochet time.

My day (after losing the kids to their schools) began with a trip to the home of a fellow crocheter whom I met on one of my yahoo crochet groups. She offered me some old craft/needlework magazines if I wanted to come get them. Another crafter had given them to her after pulling out the patterns she wanted, in turn my friend Kris had sorted through them, taken some that interested her and was offering me the rest. Thanks Kris! So here's the loot... it will take some time to sort through, but there are definitely some intriguing items. (There are also some decidely 70's and 80's patterns...LOL). I managed to make this 74 mile round trip in the 2 hour window I had between dropping off my dd and being a lunchroom volunteer at ds's school.

I came home to discover a delivery of this gorgeous Sinfonia yarn I had ordered from Crafts etc. I've wanted to try Sinfonia ever since a few online friends began raving about it, but as I am more than 500 miles from Oklahoma (Hobby Lobby's rule about store placement) I hadn't had the chance....until Leah told me about Craft Etc (HL online store) and sent a link for free shipping. Thanks Leah! I fell in love with this lavender colorway and the rest, as they say, is history...

On top of all of this, I had two daytime crochet sessions today during my dd's speech session, and during ds's dentist appointment. All in all, a good yarning day!

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