Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Floral Fantasy Pullover

Can you say sidetracked? OK, I really am working on my Tennis Socks, the sock-a-long at crochetsocks, and I started the crochet-a-long garment, the Matinee Swing Jacket (and I'll blog some progress later on today to prove it!) but as I was reading a post at Crochetville I was sucked into another project. Seriously it was like an epiphany! I had to live in the present and allow myself to listen to the crochet voice. This yarn and this pattern needed to be joined. I finally found a home for some yarn I wanted to use.

So I began the Floral Fantasy Pullover. The yarn in the pattern is a super bulky mohair acrylic blend which makes a 7.5" Motif A with a J hook. Well my yarn is Sirdar Salsa DK - a merino wool/acrylic blend in yes DK weight. So I'm trying it with two strands of yarn. I think I can get it to work. The first motif swatch was a tad small just about 6 inches with a 6.0mm J hook. Using a K hook (which actually measures 7.0mm) I was able to get the square to just over 7.25". I think I'll live with that. The medium and the large size use the same number of motifs but the large size has larger side gussets. So, if necessary, I'll do the side gussets of the large! As someone at the 'ville suggested, I'm joining these motifs as I go on the last round - anything to decrease the number of ends is a good thing!


Kawano said...

Thank you Ginny for posting a picture of Motif A. It is really helpful!!

Norah said...

Oh Ginny, you always make the most beautiful sweaters! I was thinking of making that one also. I love the color you chose.
FYI, I'm going to be posting the crochet-a-long stuff for Crochetchallenge either tonight or this weekend, and I'll probably have people pick from the bags you come up with so I'll be directing them to your website if that's OK!

Well, I'd better get back to work now, my lunch is over....