Sunday, March 05, 2006

Well traveled bag & sock update

I've been a negligent blogger, so sorry - 40 lashes with some felted yarn!! I have made a little progress on the Crochet me! in your shoes ankle socks I'm doing with the crochetsocks group. Mine are almost ready for the heel & toe. I'm doing them with Paton's KroySocks 'Vista Sea' and a 3.5mm E hook. I have to confess, I put them aside last Wednesday night because I couldn't wait another minute to start on my version of Dawn's Well traveled bag. I'm using KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in 'Winter Night', 'Asparagus', 'Mulled Wine' & 'Tan'. I did just the base that first night, worked on it a bit more on Thursday & Friday evening. Last night I finished crocheting the main bag (picture shows the sides folded in). Original dimensions were 11" x 6" x 12"(tall). This morning I crocheted a pocket to go inside.
After spending a bit of time surfing the web (and asking every forum/group I could think of) for advice on felting with pockets, I finally loosely whipstitched the pocket to the inside, and took the felting plunge (or rather the bag did). I wasn't sure if my front loader would do the job, but I put it on high heat, heavy soil, added a bit if detergent, and let it do it's thing. I checked it after 15 minutes and it was definitely fulling. I added some sneakers and let it keep going for another 10 minutes. Then I took it out plunged it cold water, rinsed it a bit in the sink (while I let the washer rinse itself out). I stuck it back in the washer for a water extraction spin (this time on gentle) and stuck it on top of some baby wipe boxes to dry. After felting dimensions are 5" x 8.5 " x 9.5"(tall). I bought some 1/8 inch diameter leather cording at AC Moore yesterday. I think it will be strong enough tripled & braided. If not, I could always double it before braiding. (I bought 25 yds at $7.99 - it was only $1 more than 8yds, which was only $1 more than 4 yds...and that was before my 40% off coupon!). Anyway, I'll try making the cord tonight and see if dh wants to help me attack the grommets!


M Kathryn Adkins said...

Wow! It looks great!!
I love the colors you picked too!
Mine is hanging out to dry right now too.
I'll blog about it soon.

Norah said...

Very cool! Great job! I love the colors.

sara said...

you did a great job!!!! i love the colors

Jackie said...

Wowee wow!

You did a GREAT job!

I can't wait to see your finished product!

Felting is sooooo much fun!

Gail said...

Ginny, your bag looks terrific! What fun you must have had with your first felting! You are giving me the courage to try it!
See you on Crochet Partners... Warmly, Gail

Debi said...

Oh isn't felting fun!!!! And I love that pattern, too. Ive made 2 of those bags, one for myself, and one for my SIL. Love your color combo.

Grete said...

It looks great!!
You did a good felting job whit that bag. Lovely colors you have used.

Kate said...

Beautiful, beautiful bag! It makes me feel better about my impending plunge into felting :-)

I love the pocket you added, too, AND glad to see a use for those wipes containers I keep amassing!!!

Beautiful work all around.

Janet said...

I'm just starting the whole felting thing too, thanks for the tip about the shoes.