Thursday, March 16, 2006

FO: Cable purse

Well it's finished!! I had at least 3 offers to buy it and my felted bag today while I was still weaving in the ends of the Cable bag. Too funny! I kind of like the way this bag turned out. I made it narrower than Donna's pattern because it just seemed too wide when I first started it. I dropped it from 6 cable repeats to 4... probably should have just gone to 5...but I still like it. I do think I will need to line it though. The cables have a little hole behind them. Donna's pattern is also posted on Crochetville and I was reading through the posts last night. Several people used double stranded ww yarn to make the purse bulkier and stronger. The added stiffness meant they didn't need to line it. Oh well, live & learn. Maybe I'll make another double stranded!

Meanwhile I am working on the Jiffy Jacket... See... really I am.


sara said...

my word lady i am using the same yarn..i think anyway....dark sage? i really like your cabled purse. where do you find people interested in buying your creations

Norma said...

Jacket looks great so far & I do love the bag. Very nice!