Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sidetracked: From stash-diving to stash-busting

"It's not my fault" Let me tell you how many times a day I hear that from my kids... No this is not a rant about my lovely children... instead this time I'm saying it, "It's not my fault". I was minding my own business, crocheting my sweater and occasionally reading some posts at CP, crochet-a-long and crochetchallenge, when I somehow became sidetracked off the Jiffy cardigan project. It all began when I went stash-diving to replace the beautiful, but not-enough-yardage, 'mulled wine' wool. Good job, you're thinking, using the stash is good. I started my sweater in the Caron Simply Soft Dark Sage that I found.... but I kept thinking about the stash. You see, while stash-diving I was reminded of all the pretty colors of yarn I had - many in single skeins left over from other projects. I've been at a loss as to what to do with the stash bits...until (this is where we learn where the fault lies).... Kathy at crochet-a-long started posting possible stash-busting projects (but scrap afghans just aren't really my thing). Cheri suggested dishclothes (maybe...) and Kris suggested bags (now that had my attention). After the well traveled bag I was thinking about some small felted accessories, and I knew I had enough wool to do another larger felted bag. Sara from crochetchallenge showed this knitted cable bag on her blog and I remembered somewhere I had seen a crocheted cable bag...but where? I followed my hunch and went to Erica's Bound by my Hook and from there to Donna's Hooked on Crochet where I found it... Camille's purse. That was it. The Dark Sage and H hook were dropped. I grabbed my Brittany I hook, this pretty RH Country Blue yarn (similar color to Sara's bag ~ see how I'm being influenced) and I was off hooking cables. A few days later, after a stop at Joann's for handles and I'm almost done... I'll go finish now, I just HAD to explain why I haven't made progress on the sweater. I've been working on this cool bag. Kathy, Cheri, Kris, Sara, Erica & Donna made me do it. Honest Mom!


sara said...

roflmao!!!! i really think i'm blameless here.............but then i always think that. your purse is great!!!! i love it. btw my friend really loved her cabled purse.

Erica B. said...

Your cable purse is adorable. That's a great pattern that Donna designed and best of all it was a freebie!

Norah said...

That is totally cute! Thanks for the link to the pattern too!

Norma said...

I love that bag! The color and the cables are just beautiful. As for your DH's's almost sandal season, isn't it? ; )
Now back to your sweater, young lady! : ) Nice work, Ginny.

Robert said...

Dear Norma,

What A great idea ! I never knew you could crochet sandals. I guess it's time to stop whining about the socks I never got and start whining about my custom crocheted sandals ! :)

(Barefoot in Mass.)

Norah said...

It's always Sara's fault!!