Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New WIPs on my hook

Shhh... don't tell... but I'm not supposed to have any more WIPs right now. I sort of committed publically, in many places, that I wasn't going to start anything until I finished my Drops Tops. But... my dh bought me that gorgeous afghan kit and the yarn was calling to me..touch me, feel me, wind me, hook me! So while reading stories with my kids the other night, I wound those gorgeous hanks of yarn into cakes. That night while working on my Drops Top, when I reached for the measuring tape I came upon my K hook (it just jumped out of the hook case into my hand, really, it did!). So, to satisfy my curiosity (and my dh's to be honest) I started hooking, just a bit of the Colinette yarn 'ghan. Well the next night, as the yarn winder & swift were still set up, while upstairs reading with the kids again, I wound some hanks of the Beth tank top yarn into cakes. Then, as I'd left my Drops Top in the car, I grabbed an F hook and started the Beth tank while singing to my dd. (I had to be hooking something.) I finished the lower edge of the Beth tank that night. Ever since then, I've been allowing myself a few rows of the lap-ghan and/or a few stitches of Beth each evening (provided I've worked for a bit on the Drops Top that day!)

So here they are. Active WIPs 1,2,& 3:

1. Drops Design Top - Previously I finished the front panel. Now I'm working on the back panel. Pattern is from Garnstudio Drops Design (link above). I'm using a 3.0mm hook with GGH Bali yarn shown here (scroll down a bit).

2. Beth tank from Berroco - I haven't done much (must work on Drops Top first) but I did the lower band just to see the pattern in this yarn. I'm using a 4.0mm hook with Knit One Crochet Two 2nd time cotton in the Nantucket Colorway shown here (scroll down, bottom right photo). I wish the lower photo was the more accurate color, but I think the top one really is (more gray, less blue).

3. Colinette yarns afghan kit - this was my birthday surprise from dh. The kit pattern is for a wave-like ripple afghan (3'x4'). I'm using a K hook and the gorgeous yarn shown unwound in my birthday post and in cakes with the ghan here. I've completed 1 of 4 1/2 pattern repeats.

In the end I'm probably getting as much if not more done on the Drops Tops. I really work much better this way.


Karen said...

the afghan is gorgeous!

Norah said...

I like to work that way sometimes too...that way I don't get bored. That afghan is absolutely gorgeous! It must be amazing to work on.

Kelli said...

I think you and I are crochet soul sisters - I absolutely love every one of your WIPs. And you have the BEST DH - was that really a surprise? If so, I'm very impressed with his incredible taste. Keep up the multitasking and I can't wait to see the end results!