Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tank Top ideas...

These are the sleeveless summer tops that I've found (and I like) on the web. I posted this on several forums, but for some reason not here. For my own sake I'm adding in yarn type and yardage needed for the higher possibilities.

1. Adriafil tank - pattern & photo
2. Beth by Berroco - this uses 8 hanks Touche (712yds ww yarn) for the large (39")
3. Crochet Shell (or dress)
4. Drops 88-20 Safran Tank - this uses 5 balls Safran (875 yds DK yarn) for the XL (41")
5. Fitted Scoop Neck Tank - this uses 720 yd Patons Katrina (ww yarn with stretch) for a 39"-41" Long
6. Jessica Tromp tank - photo & diagram
7. Lily Tank Top - pattern & photo - this uses 7 (70g) Sugar & Cream (ww yarn ~1000 yd) for a large (40")
8. Mango Mesh Top
9. Sherbert Tank Top - this uses 8 oz Patons Katrina (~600 yd ww with stretch) for a small...
10. V-stitch sleeveless

In addition there a a few patterns in some publications that I own that I was considering:
11. Sunny Days Tank Top by Denise Black in "24 hour crochet projects" R. Weiss - this uses 16 oz of Luster Sheen (sport/fine) yarn (1340 yd) for the large (38" - 40")
12. Flutter-Sleeve Top in "Fabulous & FLirty Crochet" K.Lee - this uses 6 balls (720 yd) of GGH Mystik (DK) for the large (39")
13. Designer Wannabe Tank Top by Ajda Mesic in "Happy Hooker" D. Stoller - this uses 12 balls (1474 yds) of Catania (sport/fine) for the large (40")
14. Cupcake by L-J. Bernhardson in "Happy Hooker" D. Stoller - this uses 8 balls (920 yds) of Amazon DK Cotton for the large (40.5")

So in trying to match up the cotton yarn I have in stash with some possibilities...

I have a sport/dk cotton - 12 balls (137yd/50g) of Catania - could go fo the Designer Wannabe Tank or the Drops Safran Tank or even the Sunny Days Tank Top

I have worsted weight cotton - Knit One Crochet Two "2nd Time Cotton" (180yd/100g) in 2 multi colorways - I have 4 balls (720yd) of one and 6 balls (900 yds) of the other. This could be used for Beth... Don't think it's stretchy enough to sub for Patons Katrina, but it might be thin enough to sub for a DK weight....

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