Thursday, July 06, 2006

WIP: Drops Top

Wow has it been a while since I posted. Believe it or not I'm only working on one WIP right now, and I'm still not finding a lot of time to work on it. Hopefully, now that we're through the Holiday weekend, life should settle down a bit here and I should be able to get a bit more crochet time in!

This is the Drops Design Top I've been working on with my friends at Yahoo crochet-a-long. I'm moderating this CAL so I'm embarassed about how slow my progress has been, but at least I'm still working on it. We had many start it, but few seem to still be working on it. Anyway, I have finished the front panel complete with armhole shaping and neck/shoulder shaping. Now to attack the back panel and then the sleeves. It's shown here over the white tank I will wear under it. The width of the front panel seemed to tighten up a bit on me with this stitch pattern. I'm going to pay close attention to this phenomenon on the back panel otherwise this will have to be passed on to a skinnier sister or niece!

Edited to answer the obvious question...Yarn is GGH 'Bali' (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) in a beautiful lilac color.


Kim Guzman said...

Absolutely beautiful, Ginny!

Lynn said...

I love it, Ginny. I have never gotten up enough nerve to try making a wearable! What is the yarn you are using? The color is great!

Grete said...


It was really lovely this one. Hm...... you dont have a link to the patter? I cant find this one on the norwegian sites.
Have a nice day.