Monday, January 16, 2006

Variegated yarns, Sock update & more sock yarn!!

There was a discussion on CP about variegated yarns... you know how the colors in a new skein reverse their order.... As on I posted on CP, it happened to me again... I'm making socks with Patons KroySocks Jacquard Hip-Hop. 2 skeins, same dye lot. It's funky yarn with Black & white mixed (A), blue (B) green (C) and yellow (D). the pattern goes ABACADABACAD etc. Well I thought I was being so so good. When I started the 2nd sock I pulled the yarn out to make sure I was starting with the AC part of the pattern as I had begun the first sock (so they'll match!!), Well half way through the cuff I realize that after doing the ACA it went to B not D. Now I can't decide if I'll leave it (so when my socks don't match I can blame the yarn) of redo it (so when my sock don’t match my tension will be the culprit!!)

So I was tending toward the first option (since I'm not going to have enough yarn to finish there socks anyway and was going to end the toes of both socks with either a contrasting solid or more Hip-Hop (in whatever dye lot Herrschner's sent). But the yarn arrived (YEAH!!) and the Hip-Hop is actually the SAME dye lot number as I had ordered from them last summer.... so, I now have no excuse not to FROG and restart the cuff in the right color order!
The other sock yarns by the way are all Paton KroySocks in 'Power Pink' for my 3.5 yo ds, 'Windsor Tweed' for my dh, and 'Westport Check' (blue) for my 6 yo ds.

(So, a-froggin' I will go..... but I can always procrastinate with other WIPs!!!)

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