Saturday, January 07, 2006

First finished item of 2006

...and it was for me!!! My dh said I was supposed to use that gorgeous Cherry Tree Hill yarn for myself, it just took me a few days to decide what to do. Of course I was dying to use my new "I" Brittany hook as well. On New Year's Eve, I considered doing a scarf using the "splatter" stitch pattern in Caron's Pom-Pom scarf. I really like the stitch pattern when I used Simply soft shown here. I didn't like how it was going with this new yarn though so the next morning I CAREFULLY frogged it after just 3 rows and decided on Bonnie Pierce's Moebius Shawl/scarf pattern.
And it calls for an "I" hook!!
So off I went and I was loving it.
The hook, the yarn, the pattern... all of it!! The yarn was so silky smooth in my hands and on the Brittany hook. I love the way the shawl/scarf works up. It's like you're crocheting in a figure 8 and adding to both sides with each round. So cool!

I ran out of yarn after 8 rounds (16 rows across) so it's more like a scarf than a shawl. The yarns also stretchier than I thought and I was crocheting looser than I usually do (new hook, new yarn??) so although I started with a smaller chain than called for it ended up too wide for a shoulder hugging shawl. I love it as a scarf. I can wear it long or doubled over as a neck warmer.

Anyway, here's the finished product with a closeup as well!

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enid in puerto rico said...

Hello there, Ginny. I like your scarf, it's so pretty! Sure would be nice to see a picture of you with the scarf on, too. Keep up the good work!