Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My Christmas Loot....

It's a wonderful feeling when those you love find the perfect gifts. My dh did a great job this year. He even found a local yarn shop that I hadn't found!! He bought me a selection of items from the shop and then brought me back to the shop and let me shop some more while he watched the kids... did I mention I'm married to a terrific guy who did a great job Christmas shopping this year?

So... here's the loot.

I had asked for the ball winder, but he went a step further and got the swift or reeling machine too. Wow! what a pair. They really work well together with the hanks of yarn... in just a few minutes I have a wonderful ball of yarn to use. The yarn he picked out is amazing... It's from Cherry Tree Hill in Vermont. It's a 50/50 silk and merino blend dk weight ... and the colors are gorgeous, hand-painted & hand-dyed. It's called Tropical Storm... Isn't it scrumptious? He also picked me up my first Brittany wooden hook.... It's so lightweight, I'm already "hooked" (and I've never been an 'in-line' hook girl - always preferred Boye to Bates).

I had written on CP earlier that my kids (6, 3.5) had picked up the Crochet calendar at Costco (in early December!!) and asked me to buy for Xmas for myself (without looking) since dh wasn't there. I finally got to look at it on Xmas day! I had also picked up a bunch of Crochet books for myself while shopping for other things for other people at Amazon (I had to make the minimum order to get my free shipping!!). Here's the latest addition to feed my PAS.

If all this wasn't enough, on Monday, my dh (did I mention he's fantastic?) took me to see this LYS... "Ewe'll Love It!!" in Nashua, NH. He introduced me to the owner and then he took the kids for a walk so I could shop. I left with a skein of sock yarn, and 5 hanks of Cascade yarn. Here's a photo of the loot along with the swift and ball winder in action...

So I had a wonderful Christmas!!!
(And yes, I had a wonderful Christmas for many many reasons that didn't include my crochet gifts... but they didn't hurt!!!)


Deb said...

I enjoyed seeing your work - very nice. And I am ENVIOUS of the yarns in your photos - I love those colors. Did you happen to trim a pair of gloves to go with your scarf? I've done a lot of the gloves and wish I had time to make scarves to go with them 8-)

Deb in Nebraska
Hooked by Joy

Norma said...

Ginny: love your blog! Glad you decided to start one because I enjoy reading your posts and looking at your beautiful work. And commiserating about the lack of time to crochet when small children and housework are about! : )