Monday, January 30, 2006


Well I finished my first pair of socks. These are "Easy Does It" in Crocheted Socks by Janet Rehfeldt and Mary Jane Wood made with Patons Kroy Sock Jaquard Hip-Hop. It's tough to use a striping yarn and keep the same pattern on both feet as the crochet pattern changes. After the cuff, this pattern alternates rows of sc with rows of esc (Elmore sc or extended sc) which means the amount of yarn used per round varies. And then there's my inconsistent tension ~~ Life definitely affects my crocheting!! So those are all my excuses for the not-so-perfect striping pattern on the socks! None the less, I think they came out OK.

What do you think?

I've already started another pair... I'm using the "Classic Ribbed Cable" pattern in the same book and Reynolds Swizzle Sock Yarn in a cool blue color with splashes of pink, yellow & green. And I'm trying out my new Addi E hook.. so far so good.. although without the flat thumb hold that I'm used to, I'm having a bit of a problem with the hook spinning around... oh well, it's just a sock!!


Norma said...

Ginny, I love them. You have inspired me to finally crack that book open and use my Bernat Sox yarn (solid color, less stress!) soon as I finish my 3 current WIPs. They really look great! Congratulations! Wear them with pride.

Beth in Denver said...

Very, nicely done. I think they turned out well. Sometimes patterns on store socks aren't perfect, just like people.

You'll have to show us the next pair too, cool looking yarn. I'd like to see how it works up.

Keep up the good work.

Vera said...

Great socks! You have some very nice items on your blog.

Tandi said...

Love those socks! I really want to try my hand at them, they just seem so intimidating to a new knitter!

GOP In 2008 said...

I love your socks! I went to Michaels and Walmart and neither one has sock yarn! I got Caron's Simply Soft and think I'll like using it. I'll check out Hobby Lobby soon. Should I buy the book, "Crocheted Socks"?? I'll probably have trouble finding a copy. Which book do you suggest?
Thanks for the fun and the help.
Joyce (texapan)

Debi said...

They're great!!!! I've gotta do some!!!!

Deb said...

Very nice! I did one sock... then the other... They are NOT the same size.

Guess I need to rip, and try again.

jpr54_1 said...

lovely socks
i have made most of the socks in the book

joanne r. aka jpr54_

jpr54_1 said...
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