Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spring cardigan swatches

As I posted earlier I need to make a cardigan for Abby for a wedding in April in NC. The yarn I want to use is Gedifra 'Wellness', a worsted weight cotton/acrylic blend (1210 yds). I mentioned these possiblities before, but I think I've ruled them all out for this project (as much as I love several).

Kim's Girl's Jiffy Jacket - I love this pattern, but I decided I really want the stitch pattern to be a little open
Robyn's Belle's Flowers - I will make this, but not for the wedding. With this yarn, the motifs were twice the size as designed, making them way too big for a little girl's sweater.
Drop Design 90-16 - I decided this is too open a stitch pattern - not enough warmth.
Crocheted Garden's Sweet Miss - beautiful, but this yarn wouldn't do the pattern justice.
Back to School - too boring - not open enough stitch pattern .

So did I mention, I really want the stitch pattern to be a little open.

I figured I might have to design the sweater around the pattern stitch, so I went a little swatch crazy last night and today. I tried the Coats & Clark Ruffled Cardigan after I saw this young teen, no-ruffle version at crochetville. It has possibility, it looks fine with this yarn. It seems a little bland, but I could edge it in a pale pink to match the dress, or run a pink ribbon through the edging.

Then I started searching magazines.... I pulled the second swatch stitch pattern out of the Openwork Coat from Family Circle Easy Crochet Spring 2007, a rewrite of a vintage pattern. I like the stitch pattern, and it's fine with this yarn, but I think it's too big a shell for a little girl's sweater, particularly if I decide to crop the cardi.

The last two swatches I have are from patterns written for finer yarns again, but since they are also written for toddlers, I was hoping that I could use my yarn with appropriate hook and end up with a sweater for Abby following a 18-24m pattern.

In Melissa Leapman's "Seasons of Love, Sweaters for the Family", I found Baby's Dainty Cardigan. I like the look in the photo from the book, but I think the yarn might be too thick for the pattern stitch. The shells are not as large as the openwork coat shells, but I'm not loving this swatch.

Finally, I found Tammy Hildebrand's Spring Flowers Cardigan from Crochet! May 2006. I love the look of the cardigan in the magazine photo, and I think the yarn is able to carry off the pattern stitch quite nicely. I don't think I'd add the flowers to the sweater, but maybe some pink flower buttons to match the pink in the dress. I think this is my favorite swatch.

So what do you all think??


Michelle said...

Hi Ginny, If your daughter is a "girly girl", then I would choose the 3rd pattern. If she is more of a tom boy, then I would choose the last one....this is purely my opinion of course! Michelle at

Norah said...

I think I like the Dainty Cardigan the best--dressier for the wedding, but still not too dressy to wear other times as well. I like the way the stitch looks in that yarn.

Evelyn said...

Hi Ginny -- My two cents' worth: I agree with Michelle.

Ann Tucker said...

The last one would be warmer it seems but for April in NC the Dainty one would really be pretty for a little girl if the shells are smaller than the one before it.
Ann, TX

Anonymous said...

I like #3. More unique than the rest.

San Diego

krisR said...

Hey girl! I like #3 as well, but just out of curiousity what size hook are you using? Might get a tighter look with one size smaller. Only sharing my plights with shells and such, LOL. Have a good time with that project, soo cute.

Anonymous said...

I like the 3rd one also. It will give it a lighter look, a little more "fancy" Janeyxvmhtwl

Anonymous said...

I looked at the dress. I think that you should go with Spring Cardigan Favorite. I looked at the dress and as much as I liked the other stitches, the are very open. I think the eye would be thrown with pink flowers peaking out.

Have you thought about making your sweater pink? That way white would show through the negative space and the random flowers would blend in? May make the flowers where the sweater does not lay stand out more too.

Not only that, what five year old girl would pass up a pink sweater... other than mine when she is five now that I said that. ;-)

CPer friend!