Wednesday, February 14, 2007

FO: Socks for DH!!!

Can you believe it? My dh finally has his socks! After a visit to sock hell earlier this month (see sock saga), I won the battle and my dh received his socks this morning, for Valentine's Day, no less! I made him a toe-up socks in order to accommodate EE ankles, and I frequently tried them on his feet! I began with the Southbay CGOA sock using my Addi 3.5mm hook with Silja sock yarn in light gray. These are truly custom made socks so I need to document the pattern changes, in case I ever make him another pair!

Pattern changes:

1. Begin with ch 10 and then increase as written for the toe, but continue to increase to 53 st.

2. Continue in pattern stitch for 20 even rounds and then increase (dc, sc, dc) at the top of the foot to accommodate the wide ankle as follows:

  • Increase to 55 st, 2 rnds even
  • Increase to 57 st, 4 rnds even
  • Increase to 59 st, 2 rnds even
  • Increase to 61 st, 1 rnds even
  • Increase to 63 st, crochet 1/4 rnd to a side when laid flat.

3. PM at sides for heel, and begin short-row heel with 31 st. Follow pattern for heel decreases and begin increasing when 6 steps on one side and 5.5 steps on the other.

  • End heel with 65 st, 4 rnds even
  • Decrease at each heel edge - 61 st
  • Decrease at each heel edge - 57 st

4. Continue in pattern for leg for 20 rounds even. Do a round of dc ending with dc, hdc, hdc, sc, join.

5. Add sideways rib: Ch 9, sc BLO in 2nd chain from hook and each ch to sock edge, *slip st in next 2 dc, turn, sc BLO in next 7 sc, sc in last sc, ch1, turn, sc BLO in each sc to sock edge*, repeat * to * around sock edge ending with sc in last sc at top, fasten off. Use tail to join cuff.

I love that it's easy to make a custom sock!


krisr said...

Wooohoooo, go on girl! They look great! You even got to use some of those skills to accommodate those feets. Nice job.

Biz said...

Those socks are awesome...and I'm jealous!!

Thata said...

Great work !!! I like them much. Hope someday I could make it for my hubby too. Thank you for sharing.

Norah said...

Congratulations, Ginny! They look great.y

Anonymous said...

You did good, girl! They look great but then I expected it from what I've seen of your other projects.
Nana Carol

~drew emborsky~ said...

Love those socks!!

Harper said...

I found this post through Ravelry. Great job adapting the pattern to a larger foot!

If you are interested in more from Mary Rhodes or her new sock pattern, check out her blog at