Thursday, March 01, 2007

Men & Crochet

There's a new CGOA chapter forming in Oakland, CA. The Men Who Crochet Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America will focus on men's involvement in the needle arts, but the membership will be open to both genders. It's being started by Peter Franzi, a great designer I'm privileged to know (you know, "know" in the online sense). Of course I live on the other coast, but if you know of anyone in the Oakland area who might be interested, send them to Peter!

On a more local men & crochet front, dh has his socks, and he loves them (but you wouldn't know that because he hasn't commented on my blog about that! Just kidding dear!!). But I also wanted him to have a sweater and a vest.

The sweater I chose was Jacob's sweater designed by the above-mentioned Peter Franzi. A bunch of us were so thrilled to finally find a great pattern for our guys that we decided to do a CAL at Yahoo crochet-a-long the day Peter first published his worsted weight design online. Several people were interested in a lighter version made with sportweight and Peter accommodated their wishes and began to redesign the sweater sportweight (simply following the ww pattern using sw yarn would be a bit too lacey for most guys). Peter also tried to deal with the requests of annoying people like me who were interested in a V-neck version - with a wide center cable pattern? what was I thinking? Peter's was absolutely right - no V-neck on this sweater. I knew my guy would wear a heavy cabled sweater (and forego the jacket) so I began the ww version using RH Medium Spruce. I made ribbings and started the front panel of the sweater. I'm usually fanatical about swatches and doing the math to figure out if the gauge is right and if the stated gauge will result in the specified size. Of course I didn't this time and I was halfway through the front panel before I realized that it was 10 inches wider than it needed to be. Yes 10 inches! So I stopped and contacted Peter. The bad news is I will be frogging the front panel of the sweater. The good news is Peter's sportweight version has been accepted for publication and Peter is now re-working the kinks out of the ww version. I promise to double check my math and stitch gauge this time before I start crocheting cables like a madwoman!

Meanwhile, I started a vest for my dh and I'm hoping it won't be more than 2 weeks late for his b-day (last Saturday). I'm using the same design I used for my son's vest - the Fall into Fall Vest from Kimane designs. For my husband I'm using Cascade 220 wool in a dark teal colorway. I purchased this yarn for him at my LYS's 2006 Superbowl yarn sale. I've finished the back panel and part of the front panel. I need to go wind some more hanks into cakes so I can keep hooking. Bob picked out his own buttons last Friday. How'd he do?

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