Friday, June 09, 2006

Crochet challenges - May report

Well, it's not quite as bad as I thought. I definitely overdid it in the challenge department - I listed a few more items for May than humanly possible with life as we know it. And lest we forget, on May 1st, I did not know that my baby gift crochet-a-thon (aka BGC) was about to begin (Of course, you know that I really love making things for people, especially all these babies!). So what did I theoretically commit to on my May challenge list for Yahoo crochetchallenge, and what did I actually do? On my list was finishing the Seraphina Shawl, doing the Drops Top with my CAL, the Absolutely Precious sweater, the Felted Hook Case, and possibly the Caprice Sundress for my dd. Here's what really happened in May.

1. Seraphina Shawl - progress = 100%. I did finish this. I even had an epiphany as to whom I should give it too. I'll just say that I think my ds's kindergarten teacher felt really appreciated during teacher appreciation week!
2. Drops Design Top - progress = 14%. I'm actually moderating this CAL at Yahoo CAL group. I can't believe how little I actually accomplished in May. This, however, is NOT my fault. Blame the unexpected BGC. I will return to this ASAP.
3. Absolutely Precious Baby sweater #1 - progress = 100%. Part 1 of BGC. It was finished!
4. Absolutely Precious Baby sweater #2 - progress = 95%. Part 3 of BGC. This one had a deadline to it so it bumped Part 2 of BGC. I actually finished this, complete with buttons and a label, last night... but the 95% was the May 31st progress. Final photos to follow, soon.
5. Sideways Shell Baby Afghan - progress = 50%. Part 2 of BGC. Like I said, I had started this immediately after finishing the first baby sweater, until I realized that the 2nd baby sweater was needed 3 weeks earlier than I had planned!
6. Dishcloth Mania - progress = 100%. Another unplanned project, suffice it to say, my MIL likes crocheted dishcloths, and now she has 3 from me (and I have 3 as well!)
7. Felted Hook Case Progress = 0%. Let's face it, this just isn't going to happen any time soon. There are way too many summer projects calling my name (and my hooks).
8. Caprice Sundress Progress = 0%. I just never had a chance to get near this one. But this will definitely be made in June... this is one of the summer projects calling...

All in all, I guess I did OK!

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falzrn said...

Have you or anyone you know crochet the mens cable sweater Aran. I CAN not get this to work out and I wonder what I am doing wrong. I can not get it to decrease evenly. Any input would be appreciated.