Saturday, June 03, 2006

WIPs in progress

Well before I post my overdue May progress report & June challenge I thought I should post the current status of my active WIPs. This should include my Drops Top but since my crochet life was taken over by the baby gift crochet-a-thon, not much new has happened there in the past few weeks. So here’s where we stand:

1. Drops Design Top - progress I decided not to bother posting a new picture showing the 10 bobbles I’ve completed in the last several weeks (and yes, I said bobbles, not flowers).

2. Absolutely Precious Baby sweater #2 - This is the same pattern as the blue one I made a few weeks ago, shown here. It is designed by Denise Black in 24-Hour Crochet Projects ed by Rita Weiss. I’m using my Brittany G hook (4.0mm) with Caron Simply Soft White' and RH ‘Monet’ for the edging. This one is for my ds’s Kindergarten teacher’s yet-to-be born grandchild. It was almost finished when I discovered that I had once again missed turning 6 or so rounds back on the second sleeve. This pattern is killing me. I’m a sock crocheter who crochets all socks in the round, so remembering to turn this pattern every round on the sleeves requires more attention than I usually have available for my crochet! Nonetheless, I should be able to get it finished soon enough to have time to make the matching hat.

3 . Sideways Shell Baby Afghan – This blanket is about half done. The plan is for a small car seat size blanket for a woman who works for my dh. SHe & her husband just adopted their second son. I’m making it using an H hook with an acrylic, baby/sport weight, pastel variegated mill end. Once the sweater & hat are finished I should be able to whip this up pretty quickly. Don't tell me if you think the yarn is too "girly". I don't want to know!


Norah said...

Very cute!! I love that little sweater with the trim.

Grete said...

So cute that sweater is.

sara said...

can i come play in your yarn? i LOVE that baby sweater. i think i will have to keep my eye out for that book