Thursday, June 08, 2006

FO: Dishcloths

When my in-laws' visit for my dd's birthday coincided with my MIL's birthday (did you follow that?) I decided to try to whip up some dishcloths for my MIL. Leah at my Yahoo CAL group had posted this set for 5 textured dishcloths . I must have been distracted (imagine that, in my house!) while making the first starting chain because I ended up with 24 instead of 34. I kept the first mini-dishcloth for myself. I managed to make a regular size #1, and then a #2 and a #3 before my MIL left, but I forgot to take a photo. I started #4, but didn't like it so I frogged it and skipped to #5 (can anyone say Jiffy Jacket? yes it is the same stitch...too funny!). That was enough dishcloths for me! I had to return to the baby gift crochet-a-thon. But... Leah posted a pattern for this Simply Circle dishcloth and I thought it might be nice for gifts for my dd's preschool teachers. I followed this pattern correctly but still came out with a mini-dishcloth. I kept this for myself, too. So I now have one large and two small dishcloths in my kitchen. (Btw, the preschool class is giving a group gift, so I'm off the hook - literally!)

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Jackie H. said...

Those came out great and I love the color of them too.Keep up the great work.