Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Caprice Dress lands in frog pond

I still can't believe I just did this. I'll show you in a minute, but I guess I should back up a few days. I finally started working on my Drops Top again last Thursday. I even made some progress, but that night my darling dd turned on her most charming voice and asked if I could please make her pink dress so she could wear it on her last day of school (this Friday). So I wound up some balls of this yarn (scroll down a bit) and started working on the Caprice Sundress on Sunday. I loved the pattern of the bodice. I tried it on dd and the fit was great. It was loose enough to be possibly be worn next summer, and not too baggy for this summer! (Two years of wear is always my goal with my kids!) The pattern of the body left me somewhere between bored/unimpressed and a bit miffed that the dress would require a lining (Sorry, call me a prude, but my 4yo is not wearing an unlined mesh dress!). I decided I could tack in a long tank undershirt and all would be well. The pattern works up fairly quickly, so in spite of the zillion activities accompanying the last week of school, I made significant progress. Except that I never tried it on dd again until tonight and I just didn't think about the fact that the dress is STRAIGHT, not a single increase in the whole bloody body! Now, my dd is not a chubby 4yo, but neither is she a twig; she is tall but she definitely has some meat on her bones. Well the dd whose prudish mother would not allow her to wear a mesh dress without a lining is also not wearing a skin tight fitted tube dress. What was I thinking? Here's the before and after frogging pictures:

I left the bodice because I really like it. Now, instead of working on the Drops Top, I'm trying to redesign this dress with increases and a new stitch (again, the old body stitch pattern just didn't wow me) !

So my darling dd does not yet know that her dress went to the frog pond tonight. I have 36 hours until she thinks she's wearing it.


sara said...

i have this pattern but knew my son would NEVER let the granddaughter wear it....i never though of lining it........duh........i am soooooo sorry you had to frog. now i'm thinking i could make one and line it...........right after the embroidery on the sweet pea.........sigh........let me know what you are doing differently

Norah said...

Oh no, sorry you had to frog! Pretty color'll be lovely.

Grete said...

Oh no... Frogging is so boring.
But it was an lovely color you have used.

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

That's sad! So much work down the drain. I hope you are able to find something else to appease your daughter. I give you credit for even attempting to finish such a large project in such a short period of time.

Anna said...

Thanks for the tip on the dress! I'm thinking of making this for my niece, or nieces, so it's good to know. Let us know how you "fix" it. :~)