Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Poll on the Caprice Dress

OK - here's the modified Caprice Dress. It's 99% done. I just have to weave in ends - trust me, with the number of times I have frogged portions of this dress, it paid to have none of the ends woven in!! I have written down every row I changed in this pattern (the entire body) and I will write it up and post it shortly. In the mean time, here's the question... is it modest enough, or does it still need a slip or lining?
The good news is Abby loves it - which is very good news after all this dress took to figure out!. (Anyone who wants to see my version of the original pattern can check out this post. Abby was patient, albeit a very wiggly patient while I tried it on her several times this morning to measure, remeasure and double-check for strap length. After I finished the straps and she tried it on again, I had to pry it off her (with promises she can wear it tomorrow!) . "But Mommy, can you make these strings at my feet go away?"


sara said...

OMG!!!! i LOVE it!!!!!!!!! she is just too adorable in it. i bet you got a huge hug and kisses for that

Pirk said...

She is so cute, and
the dress fits her perfectly.


Jackie H. said...

I think it looks good the way it is. It doesn't have a lot of holes in it or anything like that. You did a great job on it and she looks adorable in it.

Linda said...

She looks so sweet in her new dress. Let Dad decide if she needs anything underneath.

Anonymous said...

She is adorable, as is the dress. Hate to be the prude, but I would line it - especially if it would be relatively easy with a long tank top under it.

Norah said...

It's beautiful and she looks adorable in it!

Brendamo said...

What a cutie...girl and dress.

It doesn't look like it needs a liner. When my girls were little they wore shorts under the dresses, so that's an idea.

lady_n_thread said...
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lady_n_thread said...

Hi Ginny,

I love the dress and admire your perseverance (it would have gone back to being a PIG in my house!)

My vote would be to line it but I like the idea of having the father be the determining vote ;)


Anonymous said...

This is SO is your precious
daughter! ;-)

It's so nice to see the dress in my
magazine, made UP and being worn.

I wouldn't saddle her with a slip that might ride up and give her troubles,
but as someone said, shorts..maybe even spandex ones and a little matching top? (like adult jogging bras, but sold as playwear) if you
want to be certain. The holes in her
midsection won't matter a bit IMHO.

Thanks for sharing this delightful
bit of summer! It FITS her beautifully...Three cheers for MOM!!


Hope Cantu said...

Good Morning,
Your dress is just beautiful. I asked my husband his opinion and to my surprise he said (we have a 4 year old dgr), it depends if she wants it for a casual look or for a more formal look. hummmmmm.
As someone else said in their comments , I would ask daddy. Thanks for sharing.

SheaClay said...

what a sweetie!! I think it looks great the way it is - I don't see a modesty issue at all. She's cute in it!

Lynn said...

Hooray for you! I've wanted to make the pattern, but read all the problems you were having! I am so glad you stayed with it til the end! Will look forward to seeing your revised pattern. I love the color - you did good, Girl!

CharlotteCGeier said...

The dress is adorable! I think your changes made a classier fit. I believe I would add a liner of some type. This would help avoid some stretching and misshaping of yarn fibers, and provide a little more privacy for your young daughter.

Crochet Crazy said...

Darling dress and precious little girl. Think about making her a silky feeling slip that she could wear with it. It would make it much easier to wash and the slip would help protect the dress from body oils and such.
Leslie in Tx

Crochet Crazy said...

Precious girl, darling dress!!!Think about making a seperate slip. That would give you the option of wearing one or not and also be much easier to clean.

Needledreams said...

Both, the model and the dress are gorgeous! It's an incredible work. Tho I have been crocheting all my life I have never been able to complete something big.

Jana B said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!! That is SOOOOOOO cute!!!!! If I were good enough, I'd make one for my friend's little girl (Who looks SO much like your dd that i'm shocked each time I see your pics of her!)

I'd say lining might be better, though it's kind of a gray area (which is why you asked us LOL) It looks like it'd be pretty easy to line... and then you wouldn't have to worry about what color underwear she wore with it LOL

Celia said...

This is sooooo nice!
Love it!
And your girl is the cuttiest!
HUgs and thanks for sharing the photo, can't believe you've already finished the dress!
You're soooo fast!

Anonymous said...

NEEDS A SLIP!!! She is far to young to not have a slip on under that. Beautiful dress though! Nice work

Wendy in Warren said...

I have a 4 year old, forget the slip, it'll never stay on. It'll slide down her legs when everyone is picking her up to hug such a cutie! i find that my 4yr old doesn't notice when something is sliding down her rear end! What a georgous dress, be proud!

Shelle said...

That is darling and I love the color! Great job!!