Monday, October 29, 2007

JCA yarn sale...oh my

Let's just say, I think I earned my own invitation to next year's pre-sale at JCA Crafts... Here's the math. I purchased 42,754 yards of yarn which included 259 50g-skeins, 20 100g-skeins and 1 cone. The 50g skeins are mostly a 100% wool, DK weight mystery yarn, some 100% cotton and a cotton/acrylic blend. The 100g skeins are sock yarn and the cone is angora/nylon.

The mystery yarn I fell in love with is pictured in the 3 columns on the right... yes, there are nine different colorways. The yarn appears to be from Romania with the brand name "Fantasia". The Romanian distributor/manufacturer is "Industria Filati Buzua SA". There's no further information about the yarn on the label. JCA staff said it was 100% wool. The consensus of the fiber enthusiasts present was that it was a DK weight. I measured 11-12 WPI here at home and I unwound 2 different skeins (twice, each) and measured the yardage at 132 yds. So, I have 36 skeins of hunter green, and 20 skeins each of red, dark brown/eggplant (in some light there's a purple tone to this yarn), navy, periwinkle, lilac/mauve (again in different light...), charcoal, taupe, cream.

In front of the Fantasia, you'll see I couldn't resist grabbing 3 more skeins of Reynolds Gypsy - 100% cotton, 82yds/50g, 5st/inch - in the Ocean blue color I used for Twyla. I had 11 skeins left over, now I have 14.

Second column from the left show 2 bags of Swizzle sock yarn (75% Superwash merino wool, 25% nylon), each with 10 skeins, in blue and black. I guess I'll be making more socks!

In front of the Swizzle is my second mystery yarn. These skeins have no labels, but the bag is labeled "Reynolds, 100% cotton yarn, 106 yds". It was soft with nice twist, and was too inexpensize to pass up. I bought 20 skeins in navy.

The left-most column, has the remaining cotton yarns and a cone of Reynolds Devotion (51% Angora, 49% Nylon, 93 yds/50g, 4st/inch) in forest green. In theory I should have 1860 yds , but Devotion comes as 2 strands, and I still think I can easily split this yarn to double the yardage of a less bulky fiber.

In front of Devotion are two boxes of Adrienne Vittadini "Miranda" (100% cotton, 87yds/50g). I have 870 yds of this woven cotton yarn in two colorways - oyster and taupe.

In front of Miranda are some Abby yarns - 10 skeins of Reynolds Fiesta (cotton/acrylic blend, DK weight, 105 yds/50g) in hot pink and another 10 skeins of Reynolds Saucy Swirl (100% mercerized cotton, 185yd/100g, 5st/inch) in a variegated colorway (dark pink, light pink, white & gray). I had 5 skeins left of Saucy Swirl (same dye lot) after making the Sweet Pea shawl, now I have 15.

Now I need some more plastic tubs!


Vicki said...

I am absolutely GREEN with envy. I guess it's a good thing I live in the western part of the U. S. or I would be broke going to big yarn sales like this. The only one I know about is in southern California & far enough away to keep me from going. You are so very lucky to have a place to buy good yarn at great prices. Happy Hooking. Vicki in AZ.

Robyn said...

Holy Gamoly!

Now that's a lot of yarn. I'm totally jealous!

Mary Sarah said...

What a haul! I'd love to be able to get to some yarn sales like that! Way to Go!

Brenda said...

Be still my heart!! What a lovely assortment of yarn. The only thing more beautiful would be if it were mine! Ahhh! I think I must go home and review my stash. Enjoy your new projects.

Gigi said...

Thanks for the info on the Romanian yarn that you left on my blog!

I was trying to purchase only what I KNEW I could use. I cannot hold a candle to your haul! LOL

Use it in good health and fun. =-D

Norma said...

I am assuming that, at some point, you threw yourself on top of that yarn and rolled around, laughing maniacally? : ) Enjoy it!!!

Nezumi said...

What a beautiful photo, lots and lots of lovely yarn. I will be popping by your blog again to see what you have made :)

Judi said...

Ginny- I'm hoping you can help me. I also bought some JCA yarn Fantasia Industria Filati Buzau SA. I LOVE it too & made a sweater from the cream color...but I'm finishing & realize I'll be 1 skein short :( I can't find anything on line to purchase any & JCA's website is under construction. I live in Lunenburg..any chance I can buy a skein of cream (color023) from you?

Ginny said...

Judi -

I'm happy to help you out. e-mail me at vboundy at charter dot net and we can make arrangements. said...

It won't really have effect, I think this way.