Saturday, October 13, 2007

FO: Secret project 2

The absent blogger returns.... getting the kids and frankly all of us settled into the new school year took a little more time than I realized. All extra time was spent on this secret project. Back in the end of August I received a package of yarn from Robyn so I could crochet another piece for new book. The yarn is Lily Chin's Chelsea - a wool, cotton, acrylic blend in this beautiful shade of dusty light blue. Well a few weeks ago, I mailed the piece back to Robyn, in an almost finished state (as she requested), so she could tweak the garment to match the image in her mind! It was a bit frustrating not to hold the final garment, but I knew it would turn out amazing after the tweaking was done. I was right. So here's a mini sneak peek, but go (right now) to Robyn's blog for her sneak peek!


Norah said...

Mmmmm, gorgeous!

charlie1 said...

Hi Ginny, I was at the JCA sale too, and have been tryng to track down one ball of fantasia merino DK, in charcoal. Is there any chance I could purchase a ball from you? I need one more to make a Debbie Bliss sweater.
Katie in NE