Monday, October 29, 2007

WIP: Two-tone Sweater

Baseball helps crochet productivity! My World Series fiber project has been Alex's Two-toned Pullover which I'm making using Caron Simply Soft in gray and navy. I started this one during my sweater weekend as well, and thanks to my beloved RED SOX, it has been moving right along. I had just finished the front panel on 10/12 when I took this photo. Here it is, wet, on the blocking board. It wasn't quite as wide as I had intended, and the neck seemed a little high....

So, the front panel became the back panel, and the new front panel was modified to be wider at the bottom, decreasing at the armholes to match the width of the back panel (the side seams will be slightly to the back) and also to have a larger neck hole. I made it through the armhole decreases on Saturday night and then I finished the shoulder sections of the front panel and started the first sleeve while watching the Red Sox complete their SWEEP of the World Series. Of course, between the game and my infamous pattern changes, I didn't get as much done. The sleeves were supposed to be straight. I'm tapering them. As you can probably see, the back panel has been blocked, but the new front panel has not and the sleeve is just begun.

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sara said...

a very nice color combination