Friday, March 16, 2007

FO:Autumn Spice, ends woven in!!

I thought I'd post a picture of my version of Autumn Spice, modeled, with all the ends woven in, finally! Details of the trials & tribulations of crocheting this sweater can be found in this earlier blog post. Here are the final details:
Hook: 6.5mm

Yarn: Cascade 'Lana de Oro' Tweed - worsted weight - 45% Superfine Alpaca, 45% Peruvian Highland wool and 10% Donegal (tweed) - 770yd maroon, 110 yd charcoal.

Pattern changes:

  • I crocheted the back panel of a medium, almost as written. I began with 9 shells across, for 25 rows (12 shells high). I dropped a shell on each side for the armhole inset. I wanted the back neck opening to wider, but not as deep, so I continued with 7 shells across for 14 rows (7 shells high) and then skipping the center 3 shells, did 2 more rows (1 shell high) on the outer 2 shells for each shoulder.
  • I crocheted the front panels of the small, adding in a sleeve inset. I began with a panel 4 shells across, for 25 rows (12 shells high). For the arm hole inset, I dropped 1 shell at the side edge and continued with 3 shells for only 7 more rows (4 shells high) as I wanted a lower neck at the front. Then I dropped a shell at the neck edge and continued for 9 more rows (4 shells high).
  • The sleeves were completely re-written as I made tapered sleeves to get a little more length out of my limited (discontinued) yarn yardage. I started with 5 shells across, for 12 rows (6 shells high). On row 13 I added another dc, ch2 on either side of the center shell. On row 14, I replaced the center shell with two partial shells (dc, ch2, 2dc, ch2, dc). Row 15 was worked as if there were 6 full shells below and row 16 has 6 full shells. I crocheted another 21 rows (10 shells) of 6 shells wide (when I ran out of yarn!!).
  • I crocheted the edging using the contrasting yarn. I made 4 rounds of sc on the whole piece, including sleeve cuffs.

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