Monday, December 04, 2006

October & November report!

Somehow with Halloween, my son's birthday and Thanksgiving I never posted a report for October - so instead here's a 2 month progress report...

My plan for October was to "whip some WIPs" and start some new CALs. These included 3 WIPs (Floral Fantasy Pullover CAL, Tennis Sock CAL, and Colinette afghan kit) and 2 new CALs (Felted Memo Bag CAL with crochet challenge and Jacob's sweater CAL with crochet-a-long) and if possible to start on vests for the kids.

My plan for November was to "whip the WIPs" I never got to in October and start some the CALs that I never started. These included 2 WIPs (Floral Fantasy Pullover CAL, Colinette afghan kit, and dh's socks) and Jacob's sweater CAL with crochet-a-long (start date 10/25, LOL!)

So here's what really happened:

1. The Floral Fantasy Pullover CAL at Crochetville began October looking like this. By months end it looked like this but then remained unassembled for several weeks. Finally in a post-Thanksgiving push, I finished my version, complete with all the usual pattern modifications. My dd has already claimed the unused collar as a scarf! Status = 100% complete.

2. Tennis Sock CAL - I have no motivation for summer socks right now. Officially shoved to UFO status until Spring.

3. Colinette afghan kit - I did manage to get a few more rows in on this one. New photos will appear soon. Status = 35% complete.

4. Felted memo bag - Yahoo crochetchallenge bag CAL. I grabbed a hook and began this on 10/16 using KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Hyacinth, Hollyberry and Fog, and a K hook. Here it is as a new WIP, again crocheted but not sewn, and finally pre- and post-felting. All done in about a week in October! It still needs the strap added. Status = 99% complete.

5. Peter's Jacob sweater - a CAL at Yahoo crochet-a-long using RH Medium Spruce. This was finally officially started on 10/25. I started it on 12/2.

Sidetracks in October included
6. Dot's little ditty bags - I started these on a whim for my twin 9yo nieces birthday , and sent them off with appropriate "9yo girl stuff" inside them. I used RH 'Dark orchid' and 'Light Fuschia' with a 5.0mm H hook. Status = 100% complete.

7. Fur-trimmed poncho and beret - I made these two sets for a friend of my dd and her big sister. Status = 100% complete.

8. Pink perfection vest - except Abby chose white. I started this in mid-October and finished it within the week. Status = 100% complete.

9. 'Oxford Style' socks (Crocheted Socks!) - In an attempt to appease my dh (and because I really want to make these for him, but don't tell!), I started his socks using my 3.25mm Addi E hook and Patons Kroy Socks in 'Windsor Tweed' with Silja in 'dark charcoal' for contrasting cuff, heel and toe. Status = 25% complete.

Sidetracks in November included three more projects:
10. Baby It's Cold Outside - another Crochetville CAL enveloped me...that and Abby needed a fall jacket! I had some Antique Homespun and a skein of beautiful dark silver gray Simply Soft for trim. So it was a stashbuster finished in just a few days!! Status = 100% complete.

11. Fall into Fall Vest - from Kimane designs for Alex using Caron Simply Soft in Dark Sage. I started this in early November and finished it within the month, not quite in time for his birthday, but almost. Status = 100% complete.

12. Prayer/Healing Shawl - an impromptu stashbuster (Barrington Homespun - leftover from the ponchos) for my ds' teacher's aide who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. I used this Lion Brand pattern (made in one direction though, not out from the center in 2 directions). I was in such a rush to give it to her, I forgot to take a picture... oops! Status = 100% complete.

All in all, a prodcutive two months!


Jana B said...

WOW girl, you got a LOTTTTTT done!!!!!!

You found some nice patterns too, I may have to try some of them!

KnicKnac said...

I just love reading about finished objects! What a sense of accomplishment!

Lynn / vigilant20 said...

Merry Christmas!