Thursday, November 09, 2006

BICO - size 6 sweater jacket

Baby It's Cold Outside is another Crochetville CAL that I began on a whim as a stashbuster...that and Abby needed a fall jacket! I had some Antique Homespun and a skein of beautiful dark silver gray Simply Soft for trim. I used a K hook that is closer to 7.0mm than 6.5mm, roughly 2.75 skeins of Homespun and a bit of Caron Simply Soft (single strand with K hook) for the edging.

The pattern is for 6-12 months, it was fairly easy to modify, but it took a little bit of attention when crocheting as I was modifying it on the fly. I made this for my 4.5 yo dd, who wears mostly size 5 now, but I wanted this to be a sweater jacket. I looked a a bunch of loose fitting sweater patterns and made what I thought would be a roomy size 6. I made the neck too big and modified it after the fact (homespun is forgiving). The pattern I have written corrects the neck size.

My finished garment has the following dimensions (including 0.5" edging on length measurements):
Length: 17.5" (top of shoulder to bottom edge)
Sleeve length: 12.5" (from sweater body to wrist)
Sleeve circumference: 10" (flattened sleeve is 5" wide)
Body length: 12.5" (before sleeves began)
Width: 16" (so chest = 32", with bulk yarn though)
Neck opening: 5" (should be about 1/3 of width)

My gauge with Homespun matched the pattern as written.

Pattern modifications:
Ch 41
Row 1: as written - 40 hdc (chain for desired width, here 16")
Rows 2-21: as written for rows 2-9 - 40 hdc
Row 22: as written for row 10 - 40 hdc (here 23 rows gives the desired body length of 12" - garment length minus sleeve width)
Row 23: Adding sleeves (use chain number to achieve desired sleeve length, here 12") - ch 30 , follow row 11 as written (ignoring chain numbers), ch 31 (one more chain than other side)
Row 24: as written for row 12 - 100 hdc
Rows 25-37: as written for rows 13-19, until garment measured 17" - 40hdc (here this gives you the total garment length and the sleeve width)
Row 38 (WS): Hdc for 43st, Sl st in 14st, hdc for 43 st (you should hdc for the sleeve length plus 1/3 of your back width, sl st for 1/3 back width, then hdc for the sleeve length plus 1/3 of your back width)
Rows 39-42: similar to rows 21-22; hdc across 43 hdc. (this is making the sleeve + shoulder area - the number of rows should give you the desired length of neck opening - here rows 38-43 give me about 2.5in)
Row 43: similar to row 23 - adding chain for right front panel. Hdc across, ch 16 (chain number minus 2 should be the number of stitches you sl st in for the neck)
Row 44: as written for row 24 - 57 hdc.
Rows 45-51: as written for rows 25-27 - 57 hdc. (ends right sleeve)
Rows 52: as written for row 28 - 27 hdc.
Rows 53-74: as written for rows 29-38 - 27 hdc. (fasten off when "front" side = 17")

Pick up for left sleeve (and shoulder) - with homespun, the RS-WS pattern is not apparent, so I followed the pattern instructions - if I were to use ww yarn, I would follow the RS-WS pattern and use a chainless foundation when adding the sleeve

Row 1: as written for row 1 - 43 hdc.
Row 2-4: as written for row 2 - 43 hdc.
Row 5 : as written for row 3, except ch 9. (shoulder completed, ch to add left front panel)
Row 6: as written for row 4 - 50 hdc.
Rows 7-13: as written for rows 5-7 - 50 hdc. (left sleeve finished)
Row14: as written for row 8 except hdc in first 20 st (half the width of your back)
Rows 15-36: as written for rows 9-18 - 20 hdc (fasten off when "front" side = 17").


AJ said...

Found my way here via the Crochetville CAL thread and just wanted to say thank you for posting the instructions for your modification -- I do not have the patience to figure out something like that myself!

Parisjem said...

Ginny, I love it!! Well done. :)

CB said...

Ginny - Ha! I think you do projects like me - "that looks nice - but I can make it different - I too made the BICO jacket - two of them - and used different yarn and made a bigger one as the baby had grown by the time I got around to starting the project. Your projects are beautiful. Cheerio - Catherine

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your modifications. I'm not good w/ numbers or altering patterns but am hoping I can figure out how to make this "meet in the middle" between the original size and your size. I want to make one for my niece who is a very petite 3 year old.

Anonymous said...

Do you by chance have the original pattern? I'm trying to track it down. If so, please email me at Thanks!!!!

Viagra said...

That's a beautiful sweater!

Elliott Broidy said...