Saturday, August 19, 2006

Drops Top Progress - July 25th

Garnstudio Drops Design Top using a 3.0mm hook with GGH Bali yarn shown here (scroll down).
I knew the creative side seams had to wait until the sleeves were done so I started working on the sleeves next. I'm still not sure how these sleeves were supposed to fit. If I read the pattern right, and it seems I did, this is what the sleeve looked like. It was supposed to have one or two (I forget) more rows at the top/shoulder edge, but after I placed it in the armhole of the sweater, I stopped crocheting.
How is this supposed to fit??
My solution was to frog the sleeve back to the beginning of the decreases and design a sleeve with decreases to match the shape of the armhole.

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Kim Guzman said...

LOL This happened to me before as well. But, trust me, it really does work. You just have to sort of ease the sleeve in as you go.