Friday, February 01, 2008

February CALs

I've been swallowed up by CALs again.... but it's a good thing. I just finished my blanket for the Round Ripple CAL with the Yahoo crochet-a-long gang. Today is the beginning of a "Something for Me" CAL at Yahoo CrochetChallenge. I'm going to make the sweater that was next on my list - Drops 97-1. I'm using Reynolds Lopi in a Red/White colorway. It should move pretty quickly using bulky yarn. I think the straight parts of the back and front panels will be my Superbowl crochet projects on Sunday.

Today or Monday another CAL starts. This one is for socks..... Dorothy Hardy's Ultimate Crocheted Socks from Crochet Me. I miss making socks! Somehow I stopped making them...not sure why. Anyway, this CAL is happening in 2 places. I started it as a CAL for more experienced sock crocheters at Yahoo Crochet Socks . (There's also a beginner one running at the same time where parts of a pattern are given put in Lessons). In this CAL people just get the pattern and crochet at their own pace. I figured the more crocheters involved the more fun we'll all have, so I invited people from Ravelry's Recipe for Sock-cess - CAL group to join in on the fun.

BUT... I must finish a baby sweater for my niece's baby due in May. I'm using the pattern I have used twice before - Absolutely Precious by Denise Black in 24-Hour Crochet Projects ed by Rita Weiss. My niece heads out of the country in 10 days and I want her to have the sweater & blanket in hand before she goes. So today while I watch the sleet and hail fall, I am folding laundry and crocheting a baby sweater. The sooner I get it all done, the sooner I can start my CALs!! Somewhere, somehow I should also finish my Purple Haze. I just need to attach the 2nd sleeve and crochet the edging. I'm still not happy about my button choices, though, I think that's why I'm sidetracking....

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