Monday, January 14, 2008

Random thoughts of current and future projects

1. I finished crocheting the parts to Robyn's Sweater . Now comes assembly, edging and weaving in those blasted ends.
2. Purple Haze sweater is currently one-armed. I hope to jump into that sleeve as soon as #1 is in the mail. I'll update this with another photo soon...
3. Baby items... I need them soon. Friend is due 2/23 and my niece is due in early May.
4. A Sock CAL is starting 2/1 at Yahoo Crochet Socks (still voting on the pattern - will be an online freebie).
5. Another Sock CAL is starting 3/1 at Yahoo CGOA (still voting on the pattern - will be from Crocheted Socks book).
6. Next sweater for me will be Drops 97-1 using Reynolds Lopi .
7. I have some bulky yarn in a pretty purple, Royal Classic Yarn Soft Tweed (bottom photo) that I want to use for a sweater for Abby. I was thinking of making her another popcorn pullover (in bulky as it calls for this time). She's really outgrown her first one (made with ww yarn). But, I'm not sure.... I might decide to upsize this hoodie pattern for her instead.

So what are you all hooking or thinking about hooking??

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