Friday, December 28, 2007

Another secret....

Look what I found in a box on my front steps back on December 14th. The yarn is... a secret! It came from Robyn along with the swatch shown. It's for a project for her new booklet (not to be confused with her new book) and on her blog she's decided to share her design process about the projects in this booklet, but not to tell you the yarn manufacturer or specific yarns used.

This project is a shortsleeve cardigan with a cool textured stitch in a yarn that just shines in this stitch pattern. Go check out Robyn's post on this project, and while you're at it check out all her posts on this upcoming booklet.

I'm so excited to be crocheting another piece for Robyn. I had to finish up some holiday projects (see future posts) before I could start this... that and I had to replace my lost beloved Brittany I hook (did that today - yipee - bought J and K hooks , too). Now I can finally grab my hook and start crocheting!

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Norah said...

That's so exciting!