Monday, July 16, 2007

Secret Project...

Where have I been? The absent blogger returns! So many distractions, but I'll focus on the ones relevant to fiber arts! For this post... my secret project. I've been wary to post, as I was afraid I would reveal too much, that and frankly I was just too busy!

So back in the end of April I got this e-mail from Robyn, asking me (yes, little ol' me) if I would be interested in crocheting a sample of one her designs for her new book. You can bet I was interested. I've never done contract crochet work before, but I loved the idea, was honored that she thought of me and answered a resounding "YES"! In early May, I received the pattern (of which we may not speak) and the yarn (of which we may speak) - SWTC Oasis. This yarn, 100% soysilk, is amazingly soft and creates a fabric with awesome drape. It kind of funny in that it crunches up when you crochet it, but after blocking it is a totally different creature. The resulting fabric is soft, smooth and incredibly drapey (Is that a word?... If not, it should be!)

The day after the yarn arrived by dh became severely ill with chicken pox (not fun in a 44yo), so with that mess added on my plate as well as end of school year activities for 2 kids I was glad to know the project didn't need to be completed until the end of July. Nonetheless, I started working on it in bits and pieces while finishing up the cardigan, the pillows for Abby & Alex as well as the last teacher gift, a pair of mitten I forgot to photograph! After that it became my primary at home project (I was too afraid to take it out where prying eyes may see too much) while working on poor neglected Twlya (more on her later) away from home.

As the CGOA Chain link conference was approaching I doubled up my effort to finish this so I could send it off to Robyn and still have time to do my homework before my classes at the conference. I sent this off to her last week. The yarn was a joy to work with. The finished garment is amazing. I wish I could have shown it off to friends and family before I sent it. Robyn should be proud of her awesome design. I'm proud of my work on the finished piece. Here's a tiny sneak peak. When her book comes out, run and buy it. Then look for a bolero in Oasis and crochet it!

ETA: Robyn just posted a sneak preview! Go take a look!


Anonymous said...

OK Ginny - one thing you HAVE to tell us all! How on earth did you manage to crochet a pattern without the never failing list of "Pattern Changes"!! Inquiring minds want to know!! LOL!!
Hilary in Germany

Ginny said...

Hilary - You know me too well... it was the hardest thing ever. Thankfully Robyn is one designer whose designs I haven't had to modify ... except for hook size!

Thata said...

How a great experience... I always love your project Ginny